Intel “Skylake” Core i7 6700K Overclocking Guide

September 21, 2015 by 50 Comments

How can you get the most out of your new Intel Skylake CPU?


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50 Replies to “Intel “Skylake” Core i7 6700K Overclocking Guide”

  1. Nikola Tesla says:

    Sorry just can you tell me a dawnvoltage something made affect on performance in game Do lower FPS? Drops

  2. I am not stress testing for 24h… I would rather just use my system like normal and if it crashes I raise the voltage.

  3. I overclocked my typewriter to type more words per second

  4. Meanwhile the 9400F advertises unlocked to 4.2Ghz HOWEVER when attempting overclocking that one… doesn't even reach the advertised 4.2Ghz. Max multiplier is limited to 39 so 3.9Ghz is the max you get out of it. Thanks for the scam Intel 🙄

  5. BWX says:

    Still running that mobo and CPU. 😆

  6. r3deyven says:

    is 6700k is compatible for Msi H170 Gaming m3?

  7. Alan Day says:

    Why are you shouting?

  8. Xander says:

    7:16 "and it only improves performance in programs that use 1 or 2 cores" AKA the vast majority of programs

  9. Can I overclocking this on my Z370A PRO?HELP ME PLS

  10. ECAConcepts says:

    Roses are red,
    my dog it in heaven,
    first part of tutorial starts at 6:11

  11. ECAConcepts says:

    Violets are blue,

    I pooped in my shoe,

    second part of tutorial is at 12:22

  12. ECAConcepts says:

    Clovers are green,
    Linus is mean,
    3rd part starts at 13:13

  13. Bro i just overclocked it to 12.5 ghz and then it blew up on 12.5 ghz 50 volt can you help???

  14. Alejandro says:

    So if I hit 80c should I lower the overclock even if it only hits it for a second and isn't consistently hitting that temp?

  15. doubledragon says:

    That PC is giving me OCD and I don't even have that disorder. Ugly clash but its 2015 so you're excused Linus!

  16. I overclocked my walkman and now it can play songs at 500 dB

  17. Amazing CPU.Intel is the best company ever.I hope you still have that CPU.Its undead.

  18. 128p says:

    decided to oc my i7 6700k, running at 4.6Ghz and 1.365v stable
    Edit: Ty Linus 😀

  19. ThoughT says:

    I know this is old, but should I disable Turbo Mode if I am overclocking?

  20. I'm still blazing through everything with my i7 6700k @ 4.2Ghz Turbo. Same 16GB DDR4 Ram. Only just recently upgraded my GPU to a RTX 2060 Super from a GTX 1060 6G. (Which is still an amazing card, BTW)

    Just went through Modern Warfare last weekend with every possible setting ultra, 1080p/60fps, DX12/RT, etc. and it didn't stutter once. Turned turbo off the CPU and the same.

    I don't feel I wasted a penny. I'm also going to be happy with this and not full on get into 1440p gaming (Which I can do usually above 60fps) until I can upgrade my MB/CPU next year.

    I know AMD is making moves, but I'm going to rock with Intel again next year for my Upgrade. The rock solid performance sells it for me every time.

  21. Gzus Chrised says:

    I have a question. Im using this 6700k cpu on my z170 sabertooth. When in windows 10, i opened the hardware monitor and it runs at 0.75 programs and browsers are taking for ever to open..any one knows how i can get to 4ghz?

  22. My CPU is max 82°C but most the Time under 80°C is that fine?

  23. Intel Skylake CPU's Still Rock ! 🙂 QC

  24. Va med flytende nitrogen kjøling?

  25. Flytende nitrogen på prosessoren for max?

  26. Kjøleskap motor uten for pcn kjøre kjøleskap motor på prosessoren lodde nye rør selv?

  27. Varmepumpe kjøling på PCen?

  28. AvfulThings says:

    Is Cooler Master MasterLiquid Lite 240 enough to run 4,5 on i7 6700k?

  29. tankimus says:

    old linus, so much more personal lol

  30. Dr. says:

    Omg, nerved kermit Voce.

  31. Abomination says:

    Damn am i the only one that is looking at this in 2020 and first now thinking of overclocking because my 2016 gaming computer is like worthless now compare to what i paid for?

  32. Having had my z170 and i76700k since 2016 I'm now gonna try overclocking it having stumbling across this video!!

  33. im still using this processor

  34. Ive got the same CPU but pc crashed when booting with 4.7ghz

  35. Mads B Olsen says:

    "all new" this video and cpu is 5 years old and still usable in the more modern games.. very cool

  36. Damien Smith says:

    Do you still stand by the temps in this guide? I am a little late to the party overclocking my 6700k (haven't needed to).

  37. Texownian says:

    I felt like I had too much coffee … Linus talking at hyper speed. – 0.75 playback worked well and 0.5 and Linus sounds drunk lol

  38. Hi.Please I need Help

    I dont know that much about overclock .

    I have MSI Z170A gaming pro carbon

    Is it the Bios I need to Overclock (E7A12IMS.11T)

    I have i7 6700

    I have 2 of these (Kingston 8GB HyperX Fury Black DDR4 2400MHz CL15 PC Ram)

    i dont know anything about voltages or other things

    And what mhz should my ram will be on bios

    Will xmp will be turned on

    I need help please

    I would be happy if you can share your info

    And last thing i am using Windows 10

    Thank you

  39. Ivan Ramirez says:

    Intel must have sent Linus a handpicked one. Best I can do is 4.5ghz at 1.325V. 4.7ghz at 1.42V

  40. Alan says:

    5 years later with this jewtel cpu facing some pretty heavy bottlenecks with 5700 xt

  41. McMallister says:

    Why I can't overclock mine one? Why??

  42. Lil Homo says:

    still running the 6700k in 2020 🙂

  43. Bloudman says:

    Impossible to go over 4.5 on my 6700k i think i Lost to sillicon lottery 🙁

  44. Null Point says:

    still running this build. but with the nvidia rtx 3k series i might have to put ol bessy down.

  45. David Iosef says:

    jesus, im just realizing my cpu is 5 years old

  46. Gopal Saha says:

    I am viewer of your chanel. I follow your valuable advise. I have been suffering with a big problem of heat.
    Skylac 6700k Processor. Asus maximus viii ranger motherboard Z170. SMPS Corsair rm750x.
    Cpu fan- Coller master hyper 103. Coller master 912 haf cabinet. Graphics card Gigabyte geforce Gtx 1700 ti. Vengeance 32 gb ram 3200 fsb.
    When I render on 3D studio max 2012 it's temperature shows maximum 87 degree in summer time without Air Condition. I do not over clock manually. All are default settings.
    How can I control the heat. Please advise. I am from India, westbengl.

  47. Who else got this cpu and the rtx 30 card?

    I still have my 6700k since launch in 2015, and my RTX 3070 FE got shipped 2 days ago. I'll be running tests if any skylake owners want to know.

    I have a stable overclock @4.6ghz (3.42V)
    average temps under 100% load @72-75C

    doing a resolution bottleneck test on my LG B8 4k OLED and 1080p monitor.

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