Intel 5820K vs 6700K CPU Showdown

October 13, 2015 by 44 Comments

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How much will having more cores on your CPU help you? Should you be investing in an X-series Chipset or will the more mainstream Z-series be more than enough?

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44 Replies to “Intel 5820K vs 6700K CPU Showdown”

  1. these kaby lake processors coming out are on a different chipset I'm guessing. unless it's just a Mobile chipset.

  2. whats the best budget motherboard for i5 6400 or i3 6100? i want a ddr4 version. thank you to who will reply.

  3. estas son mis dudas

    estoy indeciso si irme por 6700k o por el 5820k

    Duda 1- 6700k soporta quad channel? o solo dual channel

    Duda 2- En caso de irme por 5820k quiero la tarjeta madre rog strix x99 gaming, pero esta tiene para 8 memorias y la tecnologia es quad channel, mi duda es tengo que comprar 2 kit de quad chanel osea 2 kit 4×2 para sumar 16gb con los dos kit , o un kit de 8×4 ( 8 ram de 4gb) nose si me explique.

    mi uso de la pc es editar videos 4k para subir a youtube y para jugar

  4. Distinguishing CPUs by game fps instead of video rendering, 3D rendering and program multitasking is like comparing eagles by which one can run faster

  5. samljer says:

    1 problem with E series… its always a generation behind.
    and this time around the IPC is so much better on skylake
    the 4 core SL is on par with 6 core BW-E (both the 14nm version) that
    benchmarks, even in heavy rendering like blender, often match.

    IF you are going to get X99, do NOT get the bottom of the line CPU, ever, its usually on par.

    although, if you need those PCIE lanes to operate, then its a no brainer.

    then again im referring to 6700 vs 6800…. 5820 is something else.

  6. Agtor R says:

    whats better for video editing

  7. Which CPU does anyone Recommend for matlab & ANSYS

  8. There is such a huge clock speed delta between these at stock, most of which would disappear once overclocked, which I'm sure most people will do, it's what these parts are for. The gaps are still there, maybe 10% overall better IPC on the 6700K plus a few more % for slightly higher clock speed overclocked. But, in practice, the 5820k/6800k outclass the 6700k through and through. Though ofc they're not for everyone, if you aren't going to use all those threads, you're indeed better off with the mainstream stuff. Personally I took the 5820k because I like having tons of tabs open, lots of programs, gaming, etc etc, and it really does actually help, huge difference once you really start pounding the Cpu.

  9. stormeagle28 says:

    negative due to annoying advertising.

  10. This is why people should push for VULKAN the higher spec'd machines will benefit having those extra cores. DX12 won't cut it.

  11. Mist. says:

    I like how your F's are making fart sounds

  12. Vansky says:

    is it better to use x99 on server simulation using VMWare workstation?

  13. Moob Cars says:

    Is it only me, or doesn't Luke look very tired

  14. OC the 5820K to same speed as 6700K and you will see performace 🙂

  15. 4 K says:

    modding wars!

  16. why 1080p gaming test? why not 4k or 2k?

  17. 5820k low end of the high end motherboards

  18. Wich1 is better for livestreaming and gaming i7 5820k or i7 6700k?

  19. Alex Morgan says:

    But what's better?

    6 Cores or 4 Cores?

  20. PotatoTech says:

    you should have OC'ed them both to like 4.5 on the i7 5820k and 4.7-4.7 on the 6700k to represent how most people buying $ 300-500 CPU's will actually use them.

  21. Evert time i se that highLANder shirt i remember when you guys climbed onto a mountain and landed there i loved that video.

  22. what is a good asus motherbord socket 1151 whit aura rgb thingie i wanna run 32 corsair vengenca a gtx1080 ti and a i7 7700k 4.2 ghz

  23. MP9K says:

    Currently have a 5820K. am loving the hell out of it. 🙂

  24. Remeber the x48 platform?

  25. "With the price of DDR4 dropping"

    Oh my how things have changed…

  26. 2015: price of Ddr4 dropping

  27. Dirt Nassty says:

    "And with the prices of ddr4 dropping".. LOL… Good one

  28. TehFocus says:

    lol, cities skylines with 68fps on a 6700k.

    I am happy when I get 20FPS on my 4.5GHz 7700k. Too big, too many assets, too many mods BUT SO GOD DAMN GORGEOUS

  29. Availability of ddr4… watching in 2018 Shit.

  30. $115 it is double that now

  31. De Jays says:

    I got a MSI x99s Gaming 7 for £80 and a i7 5820k cpu for £135, almost same price as buying a second hand i7 6700k cpu with no motherboard.

  32. Spendorsp23 says:

    why is it that 3 years later my 6700k does cinebench with a score of 1011?

  33. Chris says:

    He said "zed." Man, Canadians crack me up. Somebody left those extra letters off the alphabet.
    EDIT: Why leave out the others? Bon, Cin, Dan, Gum, Pee, Toe, Ved, Zed

  34. Aah yes…The days when Intel were making fools out of everyone and making them believe they getting great products…Intel was laughing it's ass off at all you suckers. AMD was a GODSEND! But you fools keep running right back to the con-man because 9900k. This time around you people deserve shit if things goes south again. You brought it upon yourselves.

  35. Nothing of those.6900k for future and more tasks.

  36. Omega Sky says:

    None is gonna buy more cores for gaming. It's clearly for productivity.

  37. Paul Klein says:

    Still rocking my 5820k @4.4 Ghz. Great CPU even if in the next couple years it will most likely get replaced it was an excellent CPU for what I spent.

  38. Can it get to 4.6 oc?

  39. не чего не понимаю, ну очень интересно!!!!

  40. Wow this new technology is awesome

  41. 2020: My 5820k is still rock solid, giving me good performance. Can't say the same for the 6700k.

  42. Tvold says:

    It's 2020 and my cpu still doesn't compare to an i5 2400

  43. JB6789 says:

    HuananZhi X99TF (US$99, AliEx) + E5-2678V3 (US$ 85, 12C/24T, all core turbo 3.3Ghz, eBay) + 32GB DDR3 1600 desktop (US$120, QUAD channel, local) + SNOWMAN 6 pipe dual 120mm tower cooler (US$27, AliEx) + PSU Corsair CX650M (US$75, retail on-line) + NVME m.2 512GB ($80, retail on-line) + RX590 ($175, retail on-line) +m.2 wifi 6/BT5.1 ($17, AliEx) + Vertical testbench/stand ($75, AliEx). TOTAL = US$753

    Cinebench R15 multi = 1824 // R20 = 3912.