Casually Explained: Absolute Hot

December 27, 2015 by 49 Comments

this is what happens when a few drinks in you think your joke is still funny and want to make the video and then the next morning you look at it and say “oh my god this is terrible I have to get rid of it” and then you do but with permanent damage to your self esteem and inconsequential internet presence.

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49 Replies to “Casually Explained: Absolute Hot”

  1. adipsous says:

    Purpose of video: Outsideoutsideoutsideoutsideoutsideoutsideoutsideoutsideoutsideoutsideoutsideoutsideoutsideoutsideoutsideoutsideoutsideoutsideoutsideoutsideoutsideoutsideoutsideoutsideoutsideoutsideoutsideoutsideoutsideoutsideoutsideoutsideoutsideoutsideoutsideoutsideoutsideoutsideoutsideoutsideoutsideoutsideoutsideoutsideoutsideoutsideoutsideoutsideoutsideoutsideoutsideoutsideoutsideoutsideoutsideoutsideoutsideoutsideoutsideoutsideoutsideoutsideoutsideoutsideoutsideoutsideoutsideoutsideoutsideoutsideoutsideoutsideoutsideoutsideoutsideoutsideoutsideoutsideoutsideoutsideoutsideoutsideoutsideoutsideoutsideoutsideoutsideoutsideoutsideoutsideoutsideoutsideoutsideoutsideoutsideoutsideoutsideoutsideoutsideoutsideoutside chance to flatter and, thus, 'get with' Natalie Dormer.

  2. I honestly thought this was about how to objectively measure how hot a human can get…

  3. Eric Lovett says:

    emma watson, ana de armas and natalia dyer

  4. KangruIsLove says:

    How did I get here?

  5. Well since, in my opinion, Natalie Dormer is almost the peek of hotness, then all other celebrities must be measure in milliDormers.

  6. nab ban says:

    Bh-ruh. she looks like the type of chick to throw her $8 Starbucks fratte matte mocha fufu at you while screaming "PeRvErT" because you tried asking for directions on your vacation to Hollywood …

  7. The 2 minute setup for that final gag was so worth it.

  8. I knew it was a meme video, but the end got me heated.

  9. Brandon Lusk says:

    The title should have been: How to sound like you know what you’re talking about

  10. Tom Krys says:

    Is the hot pocket thing actually true?

  11. MrPonikata says:

    I'm glad I saw this video because it just reminded me how hot is Natalie Dormer

  12. I got baited hard by Natalie Dormer 😂

  13. I came here to learn how hot is Natalie Dormer in scientific measurements… 😁

  14. Michael Guy says:

    I want to be a physics teaxher so I can show this on a wheel-in crt

  15. Aditya Singh says:

    We don't use degree when denoting temperature in Kelvin

  16. Sometimes I start my pasta pot with already hot water, so it'll boil faster.

    I'm something of a scientist myself.

  17. Cupapet93 says:

    I click because of natalie dormer,

  18. MC King says:

    1912: In the future, science is going to be used to achieve wonderful things!
    2012: "Scientists at the Cern Laboratory use the hadron collider to reheat a frozen hot pocket."

  19. MC King says:

    Plot twist: this entire video actually had nothing to do with temperature, hot pockets, or Natalie Dormer but was simply an ad for his new mix tape.

  20. rough bread says:

    How was this 4 years ago already

  21. S L says:

    Bro, she’s not that hot.

  22. KT GE says:

    I don’t even know what’s real anymore

  23. Finally somebody put some respect on her name

  24. Jimmy says:

    imagine if Natalie saw this and commented… would be awesome…

  25. VvultasS says:

    It's just K, not Degree Kelvin.

  26. Not sure if I actually learnt something…

  27. 0:53 only 10ND is needed to make up the earth’s core?! Danggggg Natalie is HOT


  28. Vincent says:


    You know, I’m something of a scientist myself.

  29. In the graph of temperature vs time, he labelled the lowest temperature as 'my heart'. Ouch, that's cold.

  30. Dakota Thorp says:

    i hope you used this in a college presentation.

  31. Aaron Jiang says:

    i actually learned something

  32. I'm glad we agree on natalie dormer 🥴

  33. Jasper Horn says:

    The unit is "Kelvin" not "degrees Kelvin", so there's not supposed to be a ° when working in Kelvin.

  34. Great Gig says:

    i fucking love the ending of these videos lmao

  35. kam kam says:

    watching this and im drunk

  36. Can't be that hot if you don't see 420

  37. Mix tape to be fire tho-

    dies of fire


  38. nadan says:

    the "my mixtape is absolute fire" part was actually pretty smooth

  39. Genghis chan says:

    i cant tell if the hot pocket heating part is a joke

  40. The best Mnemonic I've ever seen: My New Mix Tape

  41. Inonymous says:

    Whyd I think this would end as a your mom joke…..

  42. There are hot people and there are cool people. And then there’s you reading this, at 0.01°C, you are both hot and cool

  43. dan 17000 says:

    I had no idea who was Natalie until I watched that video and googles her,
    And I was sure this video is going to be about attrativeness but it's actually disturbingly well-made.

  44. Bron Solo says:

    I swear he is the same guy as You Suck at Cooking