41 Replies to “Eight Core Gaming PC Showdown – AMD vs Intel!”

  1. just perform the lga 775 to 771 mod and price to performance is op

  2. lol so many Intel fanboy hating on a superior 8 core cpu

  3. Weasle says:

    Why'd you do only 4k benchmarks? Very useless when comparing to CPU performance

  4. Anyone else notice eye floaters bouncing around in the background graphics? πŸ€”

  5. Hyperthreading should be standard as it's over a decade old…Intel has been rebranding the same second gen architecture with minimal upgrades with steep price increases. Finally since Ryzen we are getting true upgrades. Support competition, we all benefit.

  6. Josh Hust says:

    <<<happy owner of a mildly overclocked 8350, which is currently going for under $130 new as of this writing

  7. Noobie Gamer says:

    when you compare a desktop cpu with server cpu

  8. moriart13 says:

    it would be a correct comparsion vs 8 core intel of same gen like e5 2670.
    Comparing 2x l5420 vs fx 8350 ain't fair

  9. TusharGaurav says:

    Linus Give me that gaming rig.

  10. j says:

    >uses 4k benchmarks leaning on GPU heavy tasks
    WTF Intel shills

  11. Rob Bob says:

    Wow 16gb of ddr3 is only $60. Can't find that now

  12. Surely we expected all these results

  13. Why not use a Intel 8 core CPU ?

  14. hey linus i need help im going to build a gaming pc i need to know what gen my cpu is my motherboard is a 6 and 7 gen cpu can you help me

  15. It smells like UpDesk in here to you?

  16. That Guy says:

    I got the and fx 8350 and motherboard for 150 you sir got ripped off

  17. lol i bought an fx 8350 yesterday

  18. I used an FX 9590 till late 2017 and that was an embarassing feat by AMD. What were they thinking? I moved on now to another AMD build, now with Ryzen, much better.

  19. I called you a Chicken

  20. Z/dos says:

    5:25, I swear, those 2 PCI-E slots couldn't fit anything in if one was occupied, Great design ASUS.

  21. I use an AMD FX-8350 with 2x GTX 1080 in SLI, overclocked FX keep in mind; is good for me, as all my games need 3.2ghz or more, it is worth it. My friend uses an Intel Xeon Server* CPUs and it sucks, so bad.

  22. ╔┓┏╦━━╦┓╔┓╔━━╗
    ║┗┛║┗━╣┃║┃║ X X β•‘

  23. BluSpectre says:

    You want to know patience? I used to play Minecraft on an old Vista with Celeron and 912MB of RAM.

  24. 16GB for under $200? Oh how times have changed

  25. Preemier says:

    I'm still gaming on an 8350 with a 1060 and 32gb of ram and I run all my games at 1600p maxed out and get my steady 60fps all day. its still a decent processor and is worth getting if your trying to get a mid range setup and want to spend the left over money on a good video card.

  26. P0tat0slay3r says:

    16gb of ddr3 memory for 60$…Ahh the good old days.

  27. So what you're saying is it cost half as much for the Intel option but AMD is twice as good.. So they're equal in price/performance.. So neither player is better.. They aren't in the same ball park..?

    . spend more get more
    . amd's 8 core was better
    . intel's 8 core is still viable at a lower-end spectrum of gaming than that of amd's 8 core capabilities

  28. if you want to use older hard ware, I would suggest a hp xw9400 server board with built in lsi sas controller. it has a 12 gb/s transfer speed with up to 8- sata2 15k rpm sas drive ports, which are cheap on ebay for around 50-70 dollars. drives run around 8 to 15 dollars depending on the size and speed and 2- 6 core cpu running at 2.6 ghz cost around 25 dollars each. the board also has an additional 6 sata2 3GB/s ports if you don't want to use the on board SAS controller BTW "LSI made configuring the sas controller very easy". I put one of these together and haven't had any kind of problem playing any of the online games like armored warfare or world of tanks and warships,war thunder or Dreadnought. this board also has 2 full speed 2.0 PCI-e x16 slots along with 2 x8 slots running in x16 connectors also has a pci 32 bit slot and 2 pci x133/100 mhz slots. all in all this was one of the easiest workstation/server board I have ever set up, and the 800 watt psu this board needs runs around 40 dollars. just do yourselves a favor order your hard drive power.data cable from china 30 day ahead of when you want to put this together, otherwise you will get sticker shock on how much people in the states have marked these cables up!. oh I forgot memory is dirt cheap for these motherboards.

  29. speedster says:

    Anyone watching in 2019?

  30. n says:

    ryzen really changed the game

  31. Tom Kaidalov says:

    A year ago I got fx-8320 with supported motherboard for just 70€
    With gtx1060 i can easily run VR games.

  32. Eirle says:

    I just don't buy an FX because of the high power consumption.

  33. Imon Hussain says:

    Seeing the video having a R5 2600 for 80$

  34. Odd Stap says:

    I wanna see this done in the age of ryzen

  35. Derek 58 says:

    It’s 2020 and I have 6 cores in my laptop

  36. Watching this in 2020 – on my gaming computer – with FX 8350. WTB money.

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