44 Replies to “Last Minute Study Tip for Final Exams”

  1. This my friends is a scene that didn’t make the cut in The Office.

  2. wow! says:

    Finally a Youtuber that doesn't clickbait. A last minute tip should always be in a less than a minute long video.

  3. Memer Gamer says:

    They had us in the first half, not gonna lie.

  4. Who else clicked thinking this would help them?

  5. AHHHH☑ says:

    Can you make more tutorials on what to do in exam should I cry or sleep

  6. So are we gonna ignore that he gave us 1 minute tip within 0.24 seconds??

  7. Exotic Me says:

    Ah couldnt be more perfectly explained, thank u ❤

  8. Abby Eve says:

    recommended 5 years later LOL

  9. Pango says:

    After I watched this video, I've never gotten below and A

  10. daniel226 says:

    I graduated why am I watching this

  11. LOVE X.X.X says:


  12. En Rico says:

    Thanks! It really helped me.

  13. Kyan Das says:

    Dang it really thought I was about to find out the secret the rich don’t want me to know about and how I can make 7 figures with $10

  14. bloom bloom says:

    No gonna lie he got us in the first half

  15. adam ferdian says:

    This thing just appeared out of nowhere in my recommendation tab. And the most absurd thing is I have an exam tomorrow 😭😭

  16. Somehow, through some dark magic, this video appears in my recommendation every time the exam comes.

  17. You are from 2020 or 2021 right??
    Then like this comment:

  18. Sanguine says:

    Why did youtube reccomend me this 12 hours before my finals?

  19. NoobMaster69 says:

    It's like How To Basic

  20. fake says:

    back here at 2020 🙂

  21. ElextroXYZ says:


  22. Noufil Asif says:

    Thanks bro, this helped me out a lot

  23. Lol Uwu says:

    We've been bamboozled

  24. 아이만Jr says:

    after hearing this tips
    The Turns Have Tabled

  25. hustin says:

    Who just randomly got recommended this 5 years later?

  26. I'll present my final proyect from college in a few days. This tip is tremendously useful.

  27. thanks it helped me a lot

  28. Furkan67 says:

    I write a exam in 20minutes and thought that would be seriously lmao

  29. this says a lot even if a meme

  30. Master STA says:

    burst out laughing lol…. i feel you my dude

  31. Steve Austin says:

    Me who casually just dont study

  32. 1,3 k came to get advices minutes before exam

  33. he had us in the first half ngl

  34. andrea says:

    such a big help for my finals

  35. SURYA SUNU says:

    Now that's a tip i was looking for all these years.

  36. very nice graphgear pencil. I like that one too

  37. Lesson learned. Study for exam= Cleaner Camera lens

  38. I'm sorry but I have a towel ready at my side