Q&A with Destin – Smarter Every Day 148

December 25, 2015 by 45 Comments

Answering questions I’ve been asked for many years!
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45 Replies to “Q&A with Destin – Smarter Every Day 148”

  1. Genusary says:

    Wow how did I not notice he's always wearing the same hat

  2. Aaron Abbott says:

    The inventor of the heart/lung machine and the man who defined modern cardiology, Russell M. Nelson, quotes his father, a physicist, "There is no conflict between science and religion. Conflict only arises from an incomplete knowledge of either science or religion, or both."

    Destin! Exactly! You are correct the more we come together the more our knowledge will be complete in science and religion and we will see that they stand as one at the top of that mount of knowledge. As a trained biologist science has always been just one more witness of the truth of my faith as a faithful Christian. Unity is key. When we are one…

    You are amazing, keep up the great work my friend. As a fellow Christian, future father, and scientist I fully support all you are doing!

  3. Derek Church says:

    i have seen So many smart people always non-faith based people.

    I thought you were one of them. But i am SUPER happy you are not non-faith based.

    THANK YOU 🙂 i enjoy watching your channel all the more now, Keep it up, you got a big platform, use it for His Glory . 🙂

  4. I agree with your take on Christianity; it takes intelligence and discernment to test what you hear in a sermon or read; the world has a lot of opinions about religion, but most are not well informed (and "religion" doesn't have much to do with true Christianity, anyway). Reasoning is a tool to use whether in science or in faith!

  5. Alin Sabo says:

    It's almost impossible to not love this guy. You are an inspiration man!

  6. you should have named "cody" the name "Yardstick" instead

    cuz hes only got 3 feet on him.

  7. Jubilee Bray says:

    I absolutely agree, if you truly believe in the scientific method than you will see God's creation declaring his glory. a lot of people think that Christianity and science fight against each other,but that's not true, there's a HUGE difference between evolution and science, one is fact the other is a fantastic fantasy almost are ridiculous as the flat earth theory. why do people believe it? if you base your opinions off of cold hard facts evolution is not an option.

  8. Amen about the religion

  9. Adam Miller says:

    Destin, I am so refreshed hearing you share about your faith! I love how you just let it show through your story. I believe this is how we should act as Christians and not shoving Biblical law down someones throat. The sins over other are not worse than my sin, sin is sin no matter what it is. Thank you!!

  10. Jaden Larson says:

    At 2:28 Destin mentions Dr. Mark Weislogel. He goes to my church! We know him very well. So cool!

  11. Hemagicmp says:

    i typed "smarter everyday christian" and found this heheh

  12. Mehican Taco says:

    I don’t know what his perception of “god” or “spirituality” is, but how is that in any way reasonable?

    Is think that he is pretty narrow minded in this case since he probably was brought up believing in this and is so unwilling to question his long held believes that he will try his very best to justify them and keep them to as low standard of evidence as possible. His mind is so polluted by religious beliefs that he is never going to willingly give them up.

  13. kp1flush says:

    I'm so interested in Christen in Florida now!

  14. maddog says:

    What's destins po box plz?

  15. maddog says:

    Next batman featuring destins son, and Joaquin Phoenix as joker. Hahah

  16. 7:25 to 8:20 I can relate to that.

  17. Jon Solo says:

    I used to wanna be a farmer

  18. curious about your clock?? a video or something??

  19. MrCooj92 says:

    I see Catan on your shelf! That's my favorite board game!

  20. Diego SK says:

    How old is him??

  21. boa721 P says:


  22. Destin: I don't do dad jokes.
    Destin: Do Eufaula me on Facebook?

  23. Nick Vogt says:

    Ima check out that Casper thing

  24. Alexis PDN says:


  25. Anna L says:

    Destin I completely agree with coming to a logical conclusion on faith. Also, I love, love your videos and how informative they are.

    You are a blessing.

    Thanks for all the videos!!

  26. The second I saw you I thought to myself.. I know this guy.. and I can't figure out from where.

  27. I would not appreciate being woken up for a silly question. Overall great video through.

  28. Thanks for the bibelverse at the end of your videos I always look them up

  29. Mr. Vader says:

    9:14 I don't really do dad jokes next question answers with a dad joke

  30. Liam Patton says:

    100% your channel has helped to add the wonder aspect to my faith. I've learned a lot from you, but the real thing I've gained from your channel is being "More in Awe of God Every Day"

  31. samkachar says:

    And now they have another kid.

  32. Can somebody help, how we know his address so I can send him a postcard?

  33. Sarsath says:

    Where is the part where he takes about his Christian faith?

  34. Judson Wahba says:

    Cool southern Christian who wants to be an astronaut, God bless you! And your loved ones
    And those who read this

  35. Deep Pro says:

    what do you wana be when u grow up, {does not understand what he is saying}, COW, (in batmans voice) IM BATMAN!!!

  36. Sagar Halder says:

    Can you give scientific or any kind of logical explanation about how religion seems logical to you?

  37. Chris Smith says:

    well thats the end of Smarter Everyday if Destin's wife decide's to shoot him. But I don't think she will.

  38. Mary Lagua says:

    She’s a very good wife.

  39. James Allred says:

    I think you’re right about religion and being smart, there is so much in reason that supports faith.