Simple Automatic Dragon Killer (Glitchless) [AFK] | Minecraft

December 19, 2015 by 22 Comments

I show a simple method that I came up with to automatically kill the Enderdragon without using glitches. Tested in Hard mode. Enjoy!

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22 Replies to “Simple Automatic Dragon Killer (Glitchless) [AFK] | Minecraft”

  1. Bruno Mendes says:

    sry i just saw your vid now and i have this question have you seen that when you respawn the ED the blocks around the portal in a shape of a square 4x4x225 the blocks on that get deleted do you think its a bug that should get reported? ( i didnt test the latest snap im gonna try it now and ill tel you something. and are you thinking doing a auto ED XP farm for 1.9? i think its quite easy to do one.

  2. Omg that's brilliant! I'm gonna do this in my world! Can we please have a tutorial?

  3. Musa Kapan says:

    Why not have the TNT drop right on top of the cages instead of launch them from cannons? I get that the dragon might be an issue but since the TNT is freefalling down you can build the platform much higher.

  4. BluBOo says:

    connect a exp farm to the hole so your armor wont break

  5. Mert Polat says:

    Nice idea dude this is pretty good!

  6. BenCarnage says:

    I simply built pillars up to y = 150 (all crystals within the 77 block fall distance for primed tnt) and put dispensers facing down over each of the crystals. In 20 kills the dragon never touched any of the redstone or dispensers, even when I was moving around chasing him. I made my redstone tower a bit too close though so when I was running around chasing him he clipped it, when staying in the middle this problem stopped however. I also made a large circle of water around a platform at the portal to keep all endermen away. If he hits them with dragon's breath they seem to aggro the player. I'm surprised the thorns strategy works, I thought he would chain too many hits if the player was closed in like that.

  7. B.J. Hubbard says:

    at 3:58 or so, an enderman walked into the end portal thingy xD

  8. for added safety, try putting thorns on all the armour pieces

  9. NiveK says:

    excellent idea i liked

  10. kech07 says:

    While the title states 1.9+, it seems as though the technique seems to in theory, work for earlier versions like 1.8.1. Is there any reason why older versions may be harder or not included in the title description?

  11. Is there an easier way to destroy the end crystals?
    Would TNT minecarts that start falling once the resummoning sequence removes the blocks around the end crystals work?

  12. Vitals says:

    U are so smart this is the first video i have watch from this channel and I am already subscibing thx for this farm

  13. Adi MC says:

    Just use beds goddamnit

  14. Failike MC says:

    Yeah i found it thx again ❤

  15. Failike MC says:

    What a funny way i'm gonna use just for fun 😂🤣😂🤣😂 killing the dragon by eating steak 😂😂😂

  16. would it be possible to put a beacon or two down with resistance and regen so you could afk without eating food?

    and also: can you automatically place end crystals on the bedrock with dispensers? maybe set up a timer that would automatically place them every 15 mins or so, and also put that timer hooked up to the tnt hopper minecart so after respawning the dragon it would blow up the tower crystals.

    would that be possible lol

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