Turning Gravity Into Light – Smarter Every Day 146

December 8, 2015 by 35 Comments

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THIS IS GENIUS. Why haven’t we figured this out before? Whenever I go to Africa and South America I always make sure to pack a ridiculous amount of batteries. People always ask me for them because batteries which you purchase in country are horrible. This blending of an ancient technology with a new technology is a game changer, and as a mechanical engineer, I find it to be super exciting.

For those wondering, the units are just under $10, so the payback for a family in a developing nation should end up being about 3 months. This effectively eliminates the kerosene lighting poverty trap that millions of people fall into. I absolutely love it when engineering innovation solves an economic and environmental issue.

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35 Replies to “Turning Gravity Into Light – Smarter Every Day 146”

  1. Red says:

    Perpetual motion??

  2. Dailyroach says:

    How feasible would it be to have one like inside the church that has a whole bunch of weights triggered to fall in sequence when each reaches the bottom that has an output of say 1000 watts and can run for say 10 hours then in the morning solar panels drive an electric winch that winds the weights back to the top for the next night ?

  3. manno1992 says:

    Hey can you revisit this video with newer products from them? And if you already have let me know xD

  4. Cosmic Nitra says:

    1800: using weights
    2000: using electricity
    2200: using weights to create electricity…
    So we’re basically using old technology to make new technology… I like that idea…

  5. Can we use Magnets instead of Gravity!?

  6. Mag Carb says:

    The thing on the tree is a tumor.

  7. That’s very interesting

  8. jstodd00 says:

    I have a gravity powered grand father clock. You wind it once a week

  9. Yes, u use gravity but, u got use something to put it up and that cost ur body energy, still its a genius idea, some people lift 10kg by arms 20x in sequence for no reason, we could power cities with those people 😂😂

  10. You thought it was gravity, but it was me, muscle power!

  11. oReaper says:

    What about fire?….

  12. When you thought you knew everything

  13. This is for my students that don´t stop bother me about turning gravity into light. Actually, you are not turning gravity into light, rather converting a fraction of the chemical energy of your muscles into potential energy when you raise the mass; then a fraction of the potential energy turns into kinetic energy in the mechanism of gears and the generator; then a fraction of the kinetic energy turns into electric energy through the relation between electricity and magnetism and finally a fraction of the electric energy turns into light in the LED. The rest of the energy losses by energy conversion efficiency in each step of conversion. In short you are converting a porcentage of your breakfast/lunch/dinner in light.

  14. Donald Moody says:

    So all this time they've been hanging their lights for free and they're one of our everyday bills man that's highway robbery it's hard news but if you didn't do anything of some sort you were kept in the dark about it so you paid for it that sucks it's kind of like being brainwashed when they know and don't share it with you that means they're using us I'm so over that

  15. Donald Moody says:

    Yeah that other guy over there who lives on the other side walked over to the soapstone Rock chipped a piece off put it in the bag and sold it to his neighbor sell us Earth yes

  16. Donald Moody says:

    Thank you for sharing your idea with us we appreciate it

  17. Danny Hewitt says:

    Where is my Bible verse at the end. I really look forward to them.

  18. emulator4k says:

    Same tech as the crank light back in the 90’s but with a higher tension

  19. Its obvious why "they" didnt want to connect the dots. The big energy companies could care less about helping people with cost savings and only care about bottom dollar. If they did they would be utilizing more of Tesla's discoveries in regards to free energy for all which is obtainable on large scale if government would release more of those top secret documents which arent aloud to be unclassified until the year 2030.

  20. Tony Lewis says:

    but gravity didn't produce that energy, you ate food made with sun energy and used that to lift stuff and give it potential energy

  21. Larred says:

    so in theory could you make something big enough to power a home?, or at least take some load off of the fossil fuel grid?

  22. Gary Howell says:

    Ok… Like bill nye the science guy, I always wondered about his (and now your) travel schedule. Obviously you didn't fly to the Amazon to shoot 60 seconds of video and then fly to England. In Bill Nye's case, I speculated that they wrote scripts for shows years in advance. Then when he was in the Amazon, they would record segments for many different episodes, perhaps years before any individual episode aired. Then they would fly to England and again, record segments for many episodes. But that was just speculation on my part. So, how do you have different segments in a single video, featuring yourself in places tens of thousands of miles apart?

  23. I can’t wait for the day when someone invents something for poor American children.

  24. Tommy Nguyen says:

    We have being turning gravity into light for years in hydro plants…

  25. OnixTV says:

    Now just scale this design 2 thousand times and you can power your house

  26. 5dd says:

    What a wonderful idea! All of the very best designs appear obvious, but only after somebody else has done it. I would love to develop an "obvious" design some day.

  27. Yeah you are definitely gonna have money for this and not for batteries

  28. Beto Lima says:

    Thank you for the videos ..very interesting .. said that.. I've lived 6 years in the region of rain forest and I can say. This "solution" is maybe the second stupidest thing I've heard of. Perhaps the first.
    If you leave in a place with no electric power, maybe (!!!) you don't have money for a gadget like this.

  29. The only bad thing is that it's sponsored by Shell

  30. Coleman 5362 says:

    I mean, it's not actually powered by gravity, it just uses gravity to apply a constant force. You put the energy in when you lift the weight, and you have to reset it every 20 or so minutes. Same technology that grandfather clocks use, except you only have to reset a grandfather clock every few weeks or so.

  31. No. Gravity is not a force. You are converting the potential energy of the dangling mass into light. But you have to lift the mass in order for that to happen.

  32. tenntex32 says:

    They need to use this technology to create a charger for rechargeable batteries. That way one device could be ran as much as needed to create a stockpile of batteries to power multiple items. I'll be awaiting my royalty check.

  33. This is an idea I had when I was about ten years old but I want it scaled up to power a cabin in the woods and the weight would be a vertical telephone pole that descends down into a hole in the floor