Burning Astronaut Pee – Smarter Every Day 149

January 1, 2016 by 31 Comments

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ARED – Advanced Resistive Exercise Device
Here are a few links to a few of the open access articles (including the initial ARED paper):

Diet is also a major factor. See this free ebook authored by Dr. Smith (among others).
“Nutritional Biochemistry of Spaceflight”

More books available for free download at: http://www.nasa.gov/hhp/education
Here’s a NASA produced video explaining the same principles discussed in this video in greater detail:
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31 Replies to “Burning Astronaut Pee – Smarter Every Day 149”

  1. OficinaRR says:

    Excellent video. It teaches and entertain at the same time. HOWEVER, why not taking lightweight, little space consuming RUBBER BANDS instead of all that junk out into the space? Or even cheap hydraulic shock absorbers workout machine? I'm sure there's a good explanation for that and I'm eager to hear 🙂

  2. I sat watching this while looking at my hero… My grandfather. And couldn't help but to think that astronauts are helping to extend his ability to walk… God Bless them and you Destin! You guys are out of this world!!!!! (yeah pun intended!)

  3. What program is used for designing illustrations in this video?

  4. windows XP in mid of 2016 O_O isn't time for NASA to update their software?

  5. Stan Vreuls says:

    I love audible! I like to be productive. Audible allows me to read up to 4 books a week. And that's just by listening while I do what I normaly do. You can read while going for a run/walk, while you cook.. WHILE YOU CLEAN YOUR HOUSE! I love it, thanks Dustin!

  6. the owners of that pee need to drink more water

  7. 6:07 what a plot twist

  8. ExopMan says:

    Can someone explain how the flame absorption testing is more accurate to measure calcium levels than say ICP testing or titrations? It seems like there would be more accurate methods for measuring heavy metals, minerals etc. in astronaut "liquid".

  9. Dan Banks says:

    If a vacuum exerts a constant force, could you extend the length of the cylinder containing the vacuum infinitely whilst requiring the same amount of force to push the piston back to where it started? Or is a constant force required, so the amount of force would also be infinite? I'm struggling to wrap my head around why a vacuum produces constant weight. When I take a syring and put my finger over the end and pull the piston, it seems to take more force the further out I pull it – or is that just an illusion?

  10. I wonder how the body knows when and how to build bone. Is it a protein thing? Could we create a chemical that stimulates that system? Like bone steroids basically.

  11. Thomas King says:

    "deep in the bowels" heh heh.

  12. Greg Rogers says:

    It's just like in 2001 A Space Odyssey where they were always doing a little Trek around the circle to keep themselves better?

  13. Greg Rogers says:

    I think you are going to be the ## one recommended person should be on an extraterrestrial space flight . You have everything humanity would believe in,the knowledge, curiosity ,and tenacity to make it all real. I watched Carl Sagans Cosmos series when I was a kid . I'm 57 now and watching your site has made me a re-believer! U create everyday people into thinkers,God (you know,…)bless you !

  14. I am Watching this in 2020. You’re touching people and Standing close to them. Makes me cringe 😬

  15. Henry Leydon says:

    Hes flexing on all of us at the beginning

  16. James Allred says:

    I was surprised that no one used the terms spectroscopic analysis. That would make an interesting video in the future.

  17. Content of video: Metals in urine samples being analysed by an instrument is called Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy which measures metallic concentration by measuring atomic absorption spectra of metallic atoms excited by a controlled flame.
    Title of video: Burning astronaut pee.


  19. Great video!
    I pray that your granny recovered from her broken hip.🙏❤

  20. dr.bob looked like if he was from the movie iron man 3

  21. NightShadow says:

    Don Petit giving off strong George Mcfly vibes

  22. Tuzz Nation says:

    You know, there's rule in gym. You don't touch them muscles. I guess its different out there in the space.

  23. Bmo says:

    Seriously the answer to all lifes problems: pull a vacuum

  24. I tought they use hydraulic fluid inside the chamber. just like shock absorber but without springs (because it's inconsistent)

  25. so their looking at the spectrum lines of burnt pee? odd, I've never heard of an astrophysics concept be included in something so odd and different.

  26. space fan says:

    Hi Mike from future , today you are going on space dragon crew 1 and you are the commander of the crew , congratulations

  27. Tony Chenh says:

    Just fascinating

  28. Zethomnu says:

    Nice. You met the commander for SpaceX's Crew 1 flight that launched earlier today. Godspeed Crew Dragon.