Casually Explained: The Ageing Process

January 14, 2016 by 35 Comments

No way it will happen to us though.

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35 Replies to “Casually Explained: The Ageing Process”

  1. Ltagames says:

    1:56 our home and native land

  2. 0:45 man he just skips 13-14

  3. Ryan Martin says:

    Damn this videos old

  4. Kind of depressing, though.

    True, but definitely depressing…

  5. Kenny 97 says:

    I'm 21 i'm fucked

  6. Wait, I am 26. Am I not a real person?

  7. jr00t says:

    did not see that ending coming at all… laughed out loud….thanks

  8. Dave Casa says:

    Lol 1:58 is not recognized enough gahahaha

  9. The Seeker says:

    Welcome to casually depressing

  10. ljmc - lsc says:

    I relate to this video

  11. David Thomas says:

    I'm 26 what thE HELL DO I DO?!

  12. Gadgetlab says:

    bruh i just found out that americans start school at 6. it all makes sense now.

  13. QvQ says:

    The ages 13-14 don't exist

  14. Fade Music says:

    Nice wizard reference

  15. hey doinky says:

    the viagra ad at the end

  16. That 12 years old was called mkleo, it was his first tournament, how cute

  17. Nigga Penis says:

    We all gonna make it boys

  18. Noe Garcia says:

    My grandpa is 90 and he is still working🤷‍♂️

  19. mox lotus says:

    “Wait it’s all a viagra commercial?”
    “Always has been.”

  20. Wicked Fast says:

    Ageing or rotting?

  21. lolek bolek says:

    Fuck man this hit me hard

  22. me before watching this : "okay,one final laugh before i got to bed"

    me after watching this : "okay now i can't sleep"

  23. foo boo says:

    yeah man I was expecting a a laugh but gosh darn it jeeeeeeeez that's scary af

  24. Windus Lel says:

    Aging process promotes grain growth and increases ductility with a trade off reducing a bit of tensile strength.

  25. Elvarg says:

    0:42 right bottom corner

  26. Gee, getting close to seventy!
    That was me a few years ago.
    Just getting things set up for the next forty…

  27. Shitsuson says:

    Teenagers think they're the shit until they have to stand near other teenagers they dont know