Help me INTERVIEW THE PRESIDENT – Smarter Every Day 150

January 11, 2016 by 32 Comments

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32 Replies to “Help me INTERVIEW THE PRESIDENT – Smarter Every Day 150”

  1. mazwt44 says:

    Can't think of ANY reason why you would want to. What a horrible waste of our time..

  2. Gamer Tag says:

    I'd ask him how he feels being the biggest failure this country has ever seen. Ask him if he realizes the people of America KNOW he did it intentionally and is an enemy of the state.

  3. Destin I watched the interview you did with our President. I commend you on doing a wonderful job, and I congratulate you on being chosen as part of this ongoing Youtube series with the POTUS. Although I'm somewhat disappointed, and find some of this administrations policies unfavorable, I enjoyed the camaraderie you shared with the President. I found your questions refreshing, and my favorite part was when you named Obamium as a new element. I actually rewound the video several times to enjoy the reaction from the President which was absolutely genuine. He laughed pretty hard and his smile was very revealing. I believe he's gonna tell that story bout the fella who named him as a new element (Obamium), for quite some time.
    Congratulations Destin! I look forward to getting SmarterEveryDay.

  4. sebi iana says:

    ask him why he signs "NDAA Martial Law" which allows the United States military to act as a police force and they can arrest people without judgment, I know that the lawyer and a correct justice is a part of americans freedom

  5. JineOw says:

    Who do you hope whens the election.

  6. YungWorldz says:

    This guy is a agent..

  7. Peter OByrne says:

    What do you mean by "There is no other country on Earth where something like this could happen"?

  8. "No other country on earth where something like this can happen."

    Are you forgetting Tony Blair's seminal appearance on the Catherine Tate show? Because I'm trying to…

  9. Enjoy that interview while you guys in the US still have a cool president that can be reasoned with!

    I'd rather see Tywin Lannister as president than Trump.

  10. Momma Yp says:

    Is michelle thicc?

  11. Traboulmaker says:

    1:39 "There is no other country on Earth where something like this could happen"
    Guess Canada doesn't exist then

  12. Simon Samson says:

    I doubt that. puttin has a weekly TV show that you can ask him any questions over the phone while live on national tv

  13. Would you consider sending Donald Trump to the ISS permanently even is it cost extra to lift his ego out of the atmosphere?

  14. you were played. he had people interview him he knew wouldn't ask him the hard questions.

  15. Is Destin a Christian?

  16. Kyle Koh says:

    whatever you do dont invite trumo to your house he is the worst everyone just likes him cuz he is funny thats not how being preident works you have to take everything seriously

  17. yungSammers says:

    What are your thoughts on harambe

  18. thestral57 says:

    "There is no other countryon Earth where something like this could happen" 1:38 . Hmph, I strongly disagree. Yes, it's a fantastic opportunity for Destin, but there is absolutely call for putting down the entire rest of the world down.

  19. There are many other countries on earth where things like that happen.

  20. Zack Keenan says:

    He's meeting with Trump?

  21. Marty Sana says:

    no other country where this could happen? really

  22. iceagod says:

    A question: Why don't the president create money free from debt like others have before? So for example science, poverty, health and other important stuff can be subsidized?

  23. Invalidfake says:

    Well, actually it did happen in Germany before 🙂

  24. Devon Orr says:

    Destin (if that is how you spell it)…..FOR PRESIDENT 2020!!!!!! EVERYONE, WE SHOULD CONVINCE DESTIN TO RUN IN 2020!!!!! LIKE IF YOU AGREE!

  25. Xarus Man says:

    "There is no country on earth where something like this could happen"
    Why would say say/think that?

  26. 0:50 ugh, those plants are in a very messed up order and missing the Venus

  27. What does the fox say?

  28. The Card Boy says:

    I don’t like Obama