Casually Explained: Magnets

February 17, 2016 by 42 Comments

The first rule of the rare earth metals is you don’t talk about the rare earth metals.
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42 Replies to “Casually Explained: Magnets”

  1. John Doe says:

    Instructions not clear, I'm out of brownies

  2. ZerneX says:

    We take this in depth in Syria by year 11 aka: 16-17 y/o is that normal for the rest of the world?

  3. Ahhhh. I remember in my physics exams, all of us spinning hands in the air for no aparent reason. 🙂

  4. Ali Finley says:

    Thanks to this video I learned something accurate, then I learned some nonsense, then I learned something misleading, then I learned something irrelevant and then I learned something profound (cancelled out magnetic moments) and I I'm grateful.

  5. Rodrigo says:

    this is a magnetic moment am i right

  6. Angela Smith says:

    He doesn’t have a stick figure hand in real life and I’m kind of disappointed.

  7. Jameel Ja says:

    The first part of the video sounded like he was reading a wiki page.

  8. Tyler Black says:

    How did he know i would be eating a brownie mid vid

  9. AriuS says:

    TIL Casually Explained is imbred

  10. i swear, i understand everything when it is casually explained by this awesome guy, I mostly enjoy the humor and sarcasm

  11. David McCoul says:

    Should have put a cut grape in the microwave…

  12. Jihan Basson says:

    Haha he used to live there

  13. Npeake says:

    Gravity really should've been the one that doesn't lift considering its lower strength relative to the other three fundamental forces

  14. Dylan_77 says:

    This is the most YSAC of his videos

  15. Eddy A. says:

    Not everyone's brain run's off mostly glucose. Idiots who eat a keto diet have brains that run off ketones.
    I have a seizure disorder and my doctor suggested I switched to a keto diet. Fuck. That. First off the food sucks and once you've been on it long enough to where your brain starts using ketones for energy your thinking and behavior become different, it's…. idk…. slower? Look It's fucked up. Glucose ftw.

  16. victor brito says:

    Fucking magnets, how do they work

  17. Ethan says:

    You sound like the guy from the love chat

  18. Floo X says:

    Didnt Expect that

  19. Devansh says:

    If you want Machine Learning casually explained subscribe to my YouTube

  20. Wait, you and Internet Historian are from Australia, and both have over 100 subs.
    Are you the same person?

  21. asdfghyter says:

    Holy shit! I did not expect this to actually be an excellent introduction to how magnets work! I didn't know the parts about spin cancelling out before.

  22. James Brumby says:

    Tasmania is the only state in Australia worth living in!

  23. it's me, from brownies anonymous

  24. Imagine this guy writing his script and then saying it without any emotion whatsoever. Must be fun 0.O

  25. El Koljo says:


  26. Don't forget to like the video

  27. My class actually used this for magnetism

  28. CGMe says:

    Watch this: You now realize you don't understand magnetism 🙂

  29. Where do I order my chick magnet?

  30. Naomi says:

    Sooo… This is me learning for my test tomorrow

  31. Theres no way this actually showed up on the same day i was learning about magnets, thank god "causally explained" taught me everything i need since i didnt understand anything from school

  32. Warp Gate says:

    This sounds like the kind of stuff a science teacher would say to check if his students are paying attention or not

  33. Man has brownies and he's talking about using a magnet to pick up girls.

  34. sara ferral says:


  35. My dad said he was gonna take a brownie break, and he hasn’t returned from Starbucks for 15 years

  36. I am absolutely sure I learned all of this in middle school science class and yet I absolutely remember none of it.

  37. You're never too cool for the right hand rule