Gaming On a ½” CRT TV [LGR Oddware]

February 24, 2016 by 23 Comments

Why would anyone want to do this? I don’t know, just because you can I suppose! That’s what makes it fun 🙂

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23 Replies to “Gaming On a ½” CRT TV [LGR Oddware]”

  1. Ivor Langus says:

    I'm watching this video on a tiny crt from an old intercom. Fun!

  2. sshade says:

    can you play vr with 2 of these taped to your face?

  3. Finally

    Minecraft for ants

  4. If you have 2 of them you can make a vr.

  5. If you have two of them you can make a weird PS VR thing.

  6. MVVblog says:

    WOW.. I am very late to this party!!

  7. The frame rate is too high……

  8. But can it run Doom?

  9. Ian Parrott says:

    2.00 min, Queen – A Day At The Races……………I Approve!!

  10. Joris Kindt says:

    Just when I Thought your voice couldn't get any more awesome, you started imitating the Duke. Thank you for this.

  11. ATS says:

    Get a bunch of these and set them up to make a marquee or clock with each unit displaying a letter or number

  12. Wayne Adams says:

    I love the way black and white looks

  13. Sigmaairav says:

    Imagine a pro gamer winning a national e-sports championship while playing on a 1/2" monitor and using jury rigged banannas as controllers

  14. J Clark says:

    It seems like the perfect chance to make a dystopian futuristic display a-la the classic film Brazil!
    Perhaps a lenticular lense? Love that flick!

  15. DoctorX17 says:

    I want to get a couple of these and make a headset

  16. hey man i play rocket league id love to play with you sometime if ever ya wanted haha

  17. retro_person says:

    lgr 4 years ago: i didn't have the time to do this myself-
    covid19: dO iT


  18. Modern Gaming: old silver film noir style

  19. USELES?! You can make a second one a create a "vintage-tube" VR HEADSET !!! The most bizzare version of VR that i ever imagine

  20. Human Kerbal says:

    "Haha I have no idea what im doing"