Casually Explained: Donald Trump

Stayed tuned for the punchline, coming November 8.

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27 Replies to “Casually Explained: Donald Trump”

  1. Yannick Horn says:

    Here after Biden has won.

  2. Shantee Gray says:

    I wonder if 4 years of trump has changed his mind

  3. Remember how he actually won

  4. OwnD1 says:

    Good freakin bye Trump

  5. kiraaa !! says:

    Part 2?
    Title: Trump gets Trumped

  6. Can we get a post 2020 election update?

  7. Me Coder says:

    Lol you thought Hillary and Trump being bad. I am from 2020.

  8. Flint725 says:

    Don’t worry we got it back

  9. qwzr425 says:

    this aged wonderfully

  10. Biden: Wins Electoral Vote in US 2020 Election.

    Trump: I’m going to do what’s called ‘a pro gamer move’.

  11. Lol Mexico is literally everything south of the US

  12. Aaaand we made it to the other side!

  13. Fajl says:

    This is getting a part 2 isn't it?

  14. Sam cribbs says:

    I can’t tell if this is mocking Trump or the people mocking Trump, but I love it.

  15. hussen mazen says:

    There we are 2020 and trump sucks 🤣😂😂

  16. NightMare says:

    I don't any Mexicans in China!

  17. Lee Joubin says:

    Oof this video didn't age too well…

  18. I hope he is being sarcastic

  19. Jay Red says:

    should of done something for 2020!

  20. Have you ever let 200,000 people die because you couldn't handle the truth? Trump has.

  21. AmishRiot says:

    wow you're a Trump supporter? I never knew you were a filthy piece of shit. Son I am disappoint.