Casually Explained: French

I’m sorry Chérine and the people of France.
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40 Replies to “Casually Explained: French”

  1. Mr. Dad says:

    I am french and this video is fuking funny man
    Love your accent

  2. Kerem Yavuz says:

    This serie of show is the one of the best show in this webside.

  3. SAY 'S says:

    lmao im french , andd yes its complicated x)

  4. R Declercq says:

    French here, this is true.

    Also things become ever funnier when it comes to Canadian french vs french from France.
    in France "gosses" = children
    in Quebec "gosses" = testicles

    So, if you are in Quebec don't say you took your "gosses" out to the park, you may end up in jail

  5. Shinigami says:

    I've been speaking French for more than 12 years
    Didn't know any of that

  6. i recognised my city i was like wtf

  7. I am going to try taking french just wondering if i should wait on the algebra course only plan on taking a few classes be cool to learn french.

  8. DJaurelV2 says:

    La big boulange, just kill me ahaha.
    Yeah french language are strange but nous on aime ça 🙂

  9. DJaurelV2 says:

    au faite, tu m'apportes prend un S oui les verbes avec TU ont un S …

  10. Otohoto says:

    great video man, you accent is pretty good 🙂
    That's one thing i've always wanted to experience, even tho it's impossible : trying to listen and learn french as a non french person, maybe it's not clear, but you could say i want to see what does french look and sound like when french is not your native langage, ever since i've started learning english i've been wondering what it's like

  11. Argothapro says:

    Guess what means "tu m'apporte un brai bohneur"
    me : je dois expliquer quoi ?
    (what I have to explain ?)

  12. SL0V0 says:

    baiser = to fuck

    j'adore les traductions ^^

  13. guiguinofake says:

    French is easy
    just be born in a francophone country

  14. This is hilarious when you are fluent in both English and French

  15. No, no, nooooooo, this was supposed to be funny, you had to roast french, not give me a fucking lesson.

  16. Ruben Ruben says:

    Oui bas c'est ça d'être français 🇨🇵 vous voulez quoi 😂les English🇬🇧

  17. Nep Nep says:

    Are these accurate?

  18. Micah Humes says:

    How do you say Dr. Pepper in French?

  19. glowow says:

    How to insult a French:
    Hon hon oui baguette croissant guillotine surrender war

  20. Avec apprend Francais mon principle problem ca le ambiguite de mots et sentence structure. Toujour deplacement.
    Le plus souvent je suis tres confuse, parc que ca ne correspond pas tres bien avec Anglais.
    Quel ca pourquoi je suis utiliser un Anglais Sentence Structure parc que ca mon premiere et principle langue.
    Ca just plus facile.
    Aaaaarrrrrrhhhhh Langages! Pourquoi tu avoir etre tres difficile!

  21. Lucas Lprt says:

    Je compatis avec tous les étrangers qui essayent d'apprendre le français mais en tant que français j'ai l'impression que l'anglais est aussi difficile…dans toutes mes phrases en anglais il y a une couille dans le pâté (try to find the meaning of my last sentence 🤣)

  22. Jonathan Qiu says:

    I wish emily in paris would give my man his credit

  23. one time I accidentally used "baiser" in an essay for french class.
    teacher was cool tho

  24. everything is true but you've to write tu m'apportes with an s 🙂
    in english there is an s on third person and in french it's on second one

  25. Kéta Pulte says:

    The thing is, in french: any god dam sentence can be understand the wrong way, literally, ANY !

  26. That's why they say it's "The Love Language"

  27. SAH says:

    Jau ma'pelle Claude
    Mee poo poo

  28. Flying Doe says:

    You forgot about "un gode", meaning… "a sex toy"

  29. new favorite video on youtube

  30. Katie Jane says:

    If you say something accidentally provocative, I’d think it was funny. If you say bon joor to me I will drown you in the sink and then turn the garburator on.

  31. What? says:

    As a French student you is born in France i’am currently falling French class like 98% of my class

  32. French language = SEX. I was telling my friend who just got engaged that he needs to have a "enterrement de vie de garçon". Literally, "funeral for life of a boy", but it means bachelor party!

  33. MineDX10 says:

    Me : a french boy
    Me watching you : that pretty good

  34. Li Zhang says:

    please put it in me

  35. The worst part of learning French is even if you succeed, you can only use it to speak to French people and French Canadians.

  36. PETR says:

    – Do you want some water ?

    – Yes,

    N I C E A S S

  37. Samurai says:

    The problem is that im french and all of its is real😂

  38. Froggy Chair says:

    meh, yall are basic, in Spanish there are words with 20 different meanings

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