LGR – IBM 3.5″ Diskette Calculator

March 21, 2016 by 50 Comments

It’s a floppy disk! It’s a calculator! It’s both!
Let’s take a look at this novelty item that IBM gave to their business partners back in the ’90s.

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50 Replies to “LGR – IBM 3.5″ Diskette Calculator”

  1. 5318008 5318008 5318008!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Withcrono says:

    oh, man, i want one of this

  3. My life is ruined. Now I will have to spend the rest of my life looking for this.

  4. This calculator is great a pocket size the great tool to cheat on math class

  5. Leslie White says:

    That is awesome

  6. So awesome. Great little collector's item.

  7. Elgoog says:

    2 MB itself seems odd enough to me already, I only ever knew 1.44 MB.

  8. Don't copy that floppy!

  9. Man…I have a Unisonic 740 that I would so like to donate…But I don't really have the power to. I'm in Northern Ontario, and shipping is $200+.

  10. Jay H. says:

    Somewhere in my stash of old stuff is a Misco, blue, 3.5" floppy calculator. The LCD and solar panel are 90 degrees to that one, though.

  11. John says:

    That is kinda neat!

  12. Gojiro7 says:

    hey LGR, if you had the budget to make your own gimmicky piece of retro tech merch, what would it be? (not counting the wood grain socks)

  13. Apple Trump says:

    I really want one

  14. Jiateng Wang says:

    Oh, I remember that cover!

  15. you would probably love the chocolate calculator then

  16. I member this! I had one that my grandpa gave me :3 he worked at sprint and I think they were working together or something at the time. He also had this watch that (he gave to my dad who gave to me )was a timex watch that you could put data on by aiming it at the pc while the floppy disc was engaged. it was called timex datalink if you ever see one, DEFINITELY oddware :3

  17. PeepsMichael says:

    Oh man, I REALLY want it, it looks so cool!

  18. Dial Up Dave says:

    I colect 1$ calculators

  19. Dang it I think I had the blue Mac Warehouse one in the 90s and now they’re $40 on eBay 😢

  20. yorktown99 says:

    Trying to insert an IBM "diskette" into an NCR? No wonder it didn't work.

  21. Junky228 says:

    My uncle gave me one of these with a different brand name on it, mine is blue and it just says "COMPUTER ASSISTANCE" and has a phone number on it.

  22. Gobblarr says:

    Ok so while this IBM one cannot seem to be purchased anywhere if anyone is looking SONY and other off brand names are available on ebay it looks like. found this one. https://www.ebay.com/itm/283663419785

  23. psammiad says:

    I definitely had a blue one back in the day.

  24. TheCodeX says:

    That number… Ohh Clint, you're a funny dude haha i loved that

  25. Kameraden says:

    You know some of those business partners likely didn't realize it was a calculator, but a calculator program and tried to put it into their desktops.

  26. Foxxorz says:

    I had a blue one in the 90s. :0

  27. A L says:

    We are rapidly approaching a time when floppy disks will mean nothing but "a toy that somebody made to look like the 'save' icon".

  28. I don't understand people putting dislikes for this video… You not ok with yourself

  29. I always thought only 5,25" disks were called floppy disks because well, they were floppy. The 3,5" version was always called diskette by us.

  30. Duncan K says:

    ohhhhhh, I want one of those!

  31. you are the best

  32. no joke beside my phone that would be my calculator and my only personal daily calculator

  33. ZzyxxwVvutts says:

    Can you do a video on Casio scientific calculators (like history and evolution). 40% of videos I watch are on calculators, so please…
    And then Sharp, HP, TI etc?!

  34. Sony and macworld also made calculators like this

  35. davidinark says:

    Holy smokes! I remember floppy disk calculators! Oh man, I had long forgotten about these. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

  36. Bill Spooner says:

    I want one but bet I never come across one in my hole life lol

  37. BiZ says:

    thought there was a spring in there and had to hold the disk guard the whole time at first xD shes a beaut.

  38. GothSpark says:

    I want one
    I want one
    I want one

  39. I got one free with a box of floppies

  40. SteelRodent says:

    A save icon you can calculate on

  41. Plastic Icon says:

    I think I like this about as much as the "THINK" pad.

  42. Zorko says:

    Man, I need this in my life