AFK Silverfish XP Farm (No Dogs, Beacon, or Mending)! | Minecraft

April 21, 2016 by 31 Comments

I show an afk silverfish xp farm that doesn’t use dogs, beacons, or mending enchantments. But instead relies on a wide range of interesting mechanics. I have it setup for normal mode but it can be done on hard as well. Raw rabbit was mistakenly shown instead of raw chicken. Enjoy!

World Download:
Thorns effect without wearing armor:
Automatic dragon killer:
Impossible brewing system:

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ProtoTech Advanced Technical Survival SMP Server:

Recorded with OBS and edited with WMM.


Rays Works


31 Replies to “AFK Silverfish XP Farm (No Dogs, Beacon, or Mending)! | Minecraft”

  1. good work man 🙂

  2. hmm well the thorns thing wasnt awesome enough to make ti seem like an actual thing xD oh well
    apart from that i dont like this very much bc it s really slow but ok…

  3. pm777 x2 says:

    Thorns on shields ! :0

  4. jfb-1337 says:

    I'm assuming this would work for other mobs too? With a zombie farm, you'd get rotten flesh automatically to induce hunger

  5. Quazap says:

    That be on glitch is very OP. I can't believe it exists at all xD

  6. Myne1001 says:

    Damn Ray, I was trying to figure out an afk silverfish farm too. You beat me to it 😉

  7. Galia says:

    nice farm, too bad it is not that usefull

  8. Luis23TV says:

    Awesome videos man!

  9. Very nice farm design! It's a nice alternative to the one I posted on YouTube a few weeks ago (watch?v=8sueV2KmMD8), that uses the same cooked chicken/Thorns armor piece combo. I like your system to make the player get hungry faster. Never thought of that, which is why I used the old regeneration/resistance beacon technique. Nonetheless, amazing as always Ray!

  10. Alan Price says:

    Could you add 1 dog in to make it infinite afk-able?

  11. Is it true that silverfish farms run best with granite, diorite, or andesite? I say this because these blocks are all a variant or minecraft:stone, which silverfish can spawn on at any light level. They will be unable to hide in these three blocks (this was not the case when granite was introduced, but it was a bug that got fixed.) However, if you use regular stone, the silverfish may hide in the block, turning it into minecraft:monster_egg, which silverfish can only spawn on in a light level of 11 or less.

  12. The Truth says:

    will u make a world tour of ur smp world?

  13. The Truth says:

    never clicked a subcribe button so fast, amazing videos

  14. So to build this in Survival, you need to locate a stronghold, find the End Portal room, mine away the space you need to build it, bearing in mind the End Portal is close by and can't be mined in Survival, and will have to be incorporated somehow into the spawn chamber … don't suppose it will interfere, but well …

  15. InfamousFuck says:

    U sound LIKE A robot

  16. Your videos are so cool and you use features for your good very well a lot but making videos if possible try to be a bit less mechanical sounding if possible. Everything else is great but if you could be able to make that difference it could make your videos a bit better.

  17. TitanTubs says:


  18. U sound like a robot.

    A talented robot

  19. Nice farm! Although you need to work on your narrating, cos it sounds a bit roboty and makes ppl cringe.

  20. Reap3rZ says:

    Regen 2 beacon next to it

  21. Elias Stazar says:

    This is awesome, but I would like to know how you would get the silverfish spawner there, since they would be in a stronghold with the portal next to it; would you have to break the end portal or could you use a lot of pistons?

  22. More Girl says:

    Can you egg mobs down for xp?

  23. Spartan Alex says:

    I'll try this in my survival world hope it still works :p

  24. Bill says:

    This is so smart :0
    Btw idk what the people in the comments are complaining about. Your narration voice is awesome the way it is :]

  25. ncolyer11 says:

    wow, so many unique mechanics combined into one innovative farm

  26. 2016 Ray's voice was so cute