Dual Blaze Farm with Looting! [Infinitely Automatic] (2000rods/h) | Minecraft [STILL works]

April 30, 2016 by 22 Comments

I show how to get the loot effect on blazes and still have it be infinitely automatic. It produces about 2000 blaze rods/ hr with a double spawner. Some times a blaze will die from being over crushed for no reason. The video quality may be lower than normal. Enjoy!

World Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/e7xx3vo41ighmmc/Blaze_farm_-WDL_.zip
Blaze Farm with Shield: https://youtu.be/yU_yZa6W4-4

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ProtoTech Advanced Technical Survival SMP Server:

Recorded with OBS and edited with WMM.

Minecraft: https://minecraft.net/

Rays Works


22 Replies to “Dual Blaze Farm with Looting! [Infinitely Automatic] (2000rods/h) | Minecraft [STILL works]”

  1. Rays Works says:

    All hail the blaze!

  2. Lavithan says:

    why coalblocks? D:
    great video btw 😛

  3. fdagpigj E says:

    This is really clever. Now I just wish I could find a double blaze spawner on the server I play on… I guess I could also make do with just one.

  4. Galia says:

    Nice farm! Do you know the rates with severall spawners?

  5. the word melee is said may-lay, at least as far as I am aware

  6. well… i dont care too much as blaze rods are still not terribly useful adn you get enough from a wither skelly farm… also i hate spawners. using them never went well for me

  7. Guess you won't need all your coal anymore since you're getting blaze rods. Oh yeah, and I have a small question for you Ray. I asked this question on the MCforums a whie ago, but I don't think anyone knew the answer. Do you mind reading this question and answering it on here?

  8. Ben Jammin says:

    I have never seen this happen to anyone else before, but for some reason, all the spawner rooms that generate in my world have no blaze spawners in them

  9. Another sweet Farm Ray!

  10. Quazap says:

    I learn something new every video of yours, it's insane!

  11. Hey ray, nice farm. But I have a question about your wither grave. Does the wither grave farm still work in 1.9 survival?

  12. SuperNikio2 says:

    When a farm lags your game, you know it's good

  13. Trilo says:

    I am wondering if the same concept you used to kill the blaze and get the looting effect can be used with a wither skeleton farm

  14. wait, beacons can go through bedrock now? is that a 1.9 change?

  15. Gothrung says:

    using the thorns armor is a creative way to make an afk xp farm! i want to see you do this with other monsters too!

  16. if you let the blaze shoot at you without a shield you can use looting/thorns and if youre standing in water or have fire resistant you dont take any damage at all

  17. oh god, the coal blocks made it look much worse than the farm actually is haha

  18. Heron Latte says:

    I'm testing this on 1.11.2, but for what ever reason, the blazes do not get ejected to the area where we afk. They get stuck in the glass. Is that suppose to happen. ALso, I say some Minecarts back up along the way (mainly at the 1 height tunneling).

    EDIT: the minecarts start backing up after blazes get ejected on the glass rather than the place where we adk. This is very weird


  19. GBM gaming says:

    Does this work in 1.12? Or possibly the new snapshot?

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