Cheap Witch Farm! | Minecraft (CHECK description)

May 22, 2016 by 14 Comments

Edit: New 1.16+ easy witch farm:
EDIT: new witch farm
I made a cheap witch farm a few hours after the first 1.10 snapshot was released. I uses the new magma block as the spawning floor. It is cheap to build in survival. Health potions not regeneration potions. Enjoy!

World Download:
gnembon_mc calculations of perfect witch spawns:

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ProtoTech Advanced Technical Survival SMP Server:

Recorded with OBS and edited with WMM.


Rays Works


14 Replies to “Cheap Witch Farm! | Minecraft (CHECK description)”

  1. Rays Works says:

    No cold feet here!

  2. i can hardly belive this farm is actually producing anywhere near 5k items…. apart from that a decent single hut is not difficult to build at all. i mean, gnembons is hard to build but not neccessarily expensive

  3. this is obviously getting fixed.

  4. Wasthereonce says:

    Have you ever played with any mods for Minecraft? Just curious.

  5. Robitobi01 says:

    Interesting use of that block eventough, I NEVER use water dispensers again… Once build TDL's spiderfarm and because of unloading issues they bugged out every 10 minutes.. Scicraft had same issues in guardianfarm as far as I know. Probably happens pretty rare here because they only trigger ever few minutes but still I would always go for pistons..(Eventough for some reaon a lot of peopel think they are more expensiv or complicated eventough dispenser crafting is a pain….)

  6. Iron 12 says:

    is there a trick to get the witches to spawn… i have a mob farm where its dark and i get witches once in a while but i mostly get
    zombies and skeletons… so how do you get the witches to spawn or is it all just random…

  7. (Sorry for my english) I love your work 🙂 You do a great job. You should have more views ( but i think the block will be fixed, it s op). Keep up

  8. RoBoBro3000 says:

    Mobs despawn in 15 seconds I think

  9. Harvey Rice says:

    A video by gnembon said that witches can spawn in other witches, but does this extend to their entities, like hopper mine carts to collect drops?

  10. Chris Jones says:

    I was trying to do this with a mob farm. Nice clock by the way. I had thought of using the comparator output but mine wasn't dispensers so that's a really cool way to retract the water.

  11. i want to set up a witch hunt for this, but I get the feeling they are gonna change something about this, like making the drops burn up, or something weird.

  12. Gralysin says:

    i guess they will change it so the witch will take the potion

  13. The good thing about magma blocks is that they can replace iron golems in mob farms.

  14. Yis Pinto says:

    Old Ray: H e l l o t h e r e r ea y h e r e ( chill ! )
    New Ray: Helloth ere rayhere

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