Simple AFK Chorus Flower & Fruit Farm! [Redstone-less] | Minecraft

May 13, 2016 by 42 Comments

My simple yet efficient chorus flower and fruit farm. It uses no redstone, tools, armor, or effects! Allows you to automatically collect chorus flowers while AFK’ing for up to 12 hrs efficiently. Enjoy!

World Download:
Open fence gate bug:
Old Chorus Flower Farm:

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Recorded with OBS and edited with WMM.


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42 Replies to “Simple AFK Chorus Flower & Fruit Farm! [Redstone-less] | Minecraft”

  1. Galia says:

    nice farms! but I think that no redstone in the fruit farm is not that practical. but nice that it is posible. I use the water pyramid to automate farms in mc pe when I play that πŸ™‚

  2. 15 Redstones says:

    I like that it's efficient and simple, but I think you should make one that is a bit more fficient using minimal redstone like a translocator elevator instead of water stairs.

  3. Friday the Thirteenth, Gryaaah!

  4. Luis23TV says:

    pretty cool design :))

  5. Quazap says:

    Very smart! I wonder if it could be even further improved using redstone?

  6. really nice as always πŸ™‚

  7. i guess a farma actually usign an axe would be nice as you can repair it anyways by using some farm in the area

  8. atimholt says:

    You can also make a water cascade with a simple, thin triangular wall (isosceles triangle resting on its base).

  9. Karl Leoste says:

    I see Ray has been Working a lot recently :b love the farms!

  10. Flashee says:

    This is absolutely insane! You're a genius

  11. Gordon Sim says:

    Hmm why do you need cobwebs behind the plants?

  12. is this Tango Tek screwing around on a new YouTube channel? either way you just got a new sub.

  13. Lukrin says:

    Dude your designs are so epic, really they are so unique and very efficient πŸ™‚

  14. Docta CT says:

    could you make this farm include vine harvesting for half of the layers? the afk vine farms look very similar and you have a free hand still, seems like all youd need to add would be a little system to drop shears to you every time around

  15. Tip: you can remap a mouse button to caps lock in MC and it'll continuously hold it in with a toggle able switch!

  16. Really cool farm, but I wouldn't call it simple. πŸ˜‰

  17. I think I might give this farm a try, do you know if it still works in 1.11?

  18. xFiReXrAiNx says:

    so i play console therefore i cannot down load the world. would be appreciated to have a video showing you build this

  19. Zannel says:

    nice farm i will do in my world πŸ˜€

  20. Jumpshift says:

    A heads up for people who don't want to pull up the f3 screen every time they start the farm, if you place a fencegate (closed) on the block outside of the half slab, then place an End Rod facing to the right (meaning attached to the left from this perspective) if you focus on the center of the end of the rod it will get you right around the angle you need when you've walked as far left and forward against the gate as possible.

  21. nickelhhh says:

    Is there a tutorial though

  22. I'm sorry but Christ dude your voice gave me cancer

  23. DJ Gaming says:

    u and ilmango would be perfect.

  24. stunned and subscribed epic idea and i don,t use this word as often ^^ nice work bro

  25. Isaac says:

    Every single time I see one of Ray's farms, I'm like, "and I thought I was good at Minecraft"

  26. ERR0R says:

    Is there any substitute for the cobweb? I'm playing skyblock and don't have access to them.

  27. "a combination of simplicity and ought-oh-mation"

  28. Engineer02 says:

    Because everything worth doing is worth overdoing

    Seriously, why would you need that ammont of Chorus fruits?
    A double chest full of purpur Blocks?

  29. James Zikos says:

    Will it work on PS4 and 1.13-1.14?

  30. sees the product of the AFK session

    "Build this and you will have more chorus fruit than a 100 players will need for life."

  31. Wow! What a creative way to farm chorus fruit! This is an amazing design. I plan to build it in my singleplayer world.

  32. I really liked the concept for this farm, so I redesigned it to work with the new flowing water mechanics. Water flowing over bottom slabs gives the player a consistent speed, and you can use a waterlogged bottom slab and a wall block to both slow the player down and extend the water stream. I also added some simple redstone that pushes a block to where you used a cobweb, then pulls it back out of the way. This gives the chorus tree more chances to grow flowers since it can grow one in the back. I've even seen it occasionally grow with four flowers. Let me know if you want the world download to check it out.

  33. CrazyFreak says:

    This farm is really cool for 1.12, but unfortunatly it's extremely slow. It's much faster to manualy harvest flowers in a smaller flower only based farm.
    If you are in 1.13. simply use arrows.

  34. Cian McGrath says:

    do you know how long it takes for all of the chorus plants to grow fully on average?

  35. AquAssassin says:

    This is just the latest farm in a looong,looong line of Impulsesv 'a farms(made by ray)
    I would love to use ur farms but I'm bedrock πŸ™

  36. King Kazma says:

    who else wants the farm in the background

  37. Shinathen says:

    Couldnt tell if the thumbnail was clickbait or not

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