AFK Obsidian Farm + Ender Crystal Wither Cage! [Infinitely Automatic] (CHECK Description)

June 26, 2016 by 26 Comments

Edit: NEW 1.16+ Obsidian farm:
Edit: New 1.14-1.15.1+ version-
I show a simple obsidian farm that works in 1.9+ with the new obsidian platform regenerating mechanics. I also show a new ender crystal wither cage that is very stable which I use in the farm. I will be showing more with this new wither cage. Avoid running this farm if the server is lagging. Enjoy! =D
Edit: Wearing a pumpkin on your head will prevent you from looking at endermen.

World Download:
How to get unbreakable Ender Crystals:
Blocks with different dimensions:
Old 1.8 Obsidian farm:

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ProtoTech Advanced Technical Survival SMP Server:

Recorded with OBS and edited with WMM.


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26 Replies to “AFK Obsidian Farm + Ender Crystal Wither Cage! [Infinitely Automatic] (CHECK Description)”

  1. Leopoldo3 says:

    Or you can get obsidian like a normal player plus you don't need to work for NASA to mine up obsidian.

  2. Markos T says:

    Amazing thank you

  3. LOOOL the bed + timed piston for the end portal shenanigans, Inception anyone?

  4. sjakedude says:

    My lower endermite keeps dying. Help

  5. frostbite says:

    You need some sunlight.

    Then again, who am I to talk?

  6. Chris Prol says:

    How do you get to the normal end hi…if a wither is nuking it

  7. I dont see the simple part of this tutorial XD

  8. How do you make the crystals unbreakeble?

  9. Does this work for 1.12?

  10. Mike Duddy says:

    I thought spawning the wiyher in the end was impossible. The only way to get him in is to spawn him above the end portal and let him fall in.

  11. Gilded Drake says:

    if this still work, i gotta tell you the right way to afk:
    1 set the key you want to hold to anything you don't use, like *
    2 press F11 to go full screen (if you're not)
    3 press the key you chose. hold it.
    4 press F11 to leave full screen while still holding *
    5 press Alt+TAB to another window while still holding *
    6 let * go. you can do anything else on your computer, minecraft is still running in the background with your key pressed.

    oh and enderman can't come on your way if you make it 2 blocks tall.
    you can checked what is happening by reducing the size of your current window, as long as you don't focus back into minecraft.

    and I have questions:
    does this still work ?
    isn't making a packed ice way from platform to end portal that throws you with pistons with slime (triggered by pressure plates or observers) faster ?

  12. BlackSerpent says:

    Sub noti squad and like

  13. Норм видосик)

  14. NDexis says:

    ah yes, classic minecraft haha, basic, yes yes

  15. Alexandru says:

    I want to see automatic farms using wither now in 1.12 update…

  16. SKY says:

    that is an ingenious way to use the wither, end crystals, and mob heads.
    good work your fans love how dedicated you are.

  17. Hossenfepher says:

    Does this still work?

  18. Tsu_11 says:

    Oh… omg… i have no words
    Its amazing!ヽ(°〇°)ノ

  19. I would fall in the void 20 times if I built this…

  20. This man is a God. Minecraft ingenuity never ceases to impress me.

  21. thebirdy 123 says:

    This wasn't uploaded on april fools

  22. just a dude says:

    Nice, i'll try to make a 1.14 version, oerfect for my sufvival world

  23. Donald Duck says:

    Does this work for 1.12.2

  24. Does this work in 1.14.4?

  25. wolfboyft says:

    This is some serious underground secret government above-law unethical science compound shit going on here
    You've trapped this raging monster of destruction and are sapping its power for obsidian
    leaving it trapped in a cage, in (not-so-silent) suffering

    but yeah awesome tutorial, good job. i love it!