Overworld Bedrock Wither Cage + Simple Cobble Farm! [Tutorial] | 1.8–1.16.3+ Minecraft

June 24, 2016 by 40 Comments

I showed that an OW bedrock wither cage was possible last year but never showed it in a video. So today I am showing how to make the OW bedrock wither cage and a simple cobble farm that it could be used for. Enjoy!

World Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/cqualpbbhii2u47/Simple_Cobble_Farm_WDL.zip
Dragon Egg bedrock breaking: https://youtu.be/cJQye0R095Y
Piston Tile Tick bedrock breaking: https://youtu.be/ksabLWVKWPE
Dragon in basement prank: https://youtu.be/rVojCOSDacM

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ProtoTech Advanced Technical Survival SMP Server:

Recorded with OBS and edited with WMM.

Minecraft: https://minecraft.net/

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40 Replies to “Overworld Bedrock Wither Cage + Simple Cobble Farm! [Tutorial] | 1.8–1.16.3+ Minecraft”

  1. You are quite brilliant. It seems that every time I start thinking about a new project, you are already on it.

  2. 김민준 says:

    Wow, that headless piston generation methiod is awesome! It deserves its own video!

  3. Gordon Sim says:

    The 2 melon method is very cool. I hated making giant platform out of obsidian just to break one bedrock.

  4. Very nice! Did you try to build a similar machine without the wither and by using the TNT duplication?

  5. I think that your bedrock example was part of a 3×5 with two holes.

  6. wkrepelin says:

    awesome video, man! You inspired me to design my own "lazy trigger" which I now use on my bedrock breaking jobs. so much better than running 16 chunks of Redstone. I'm doing this on ps4 btw, so you could add a disclaimer that these methods also apply to console. given that console has more users than pc it could help you gain more viewership and disseminate your fascinating methods and research.

  7. I found a formation in my world that is a 3×5 of bedrock with two holes a block apart. If I made this into a dual wither cage, would there be any issues with the withers tracking each other?

  8. sa me saoule, je suis francais et je comprends rien :'(

  9. Casey Foster says:

    I've had this fail twice already. Both times some of the Obsidian at the end of the farm, which stops the Pistons from pushing the Cobblestone too far, is destroyed. And one of the times the top Block of Obsidian that holds the Wither in was also destroyed, which allowed the Wither to escape and destroy most of the farm. This is built a bit outside the spawn chunks, and is loaded with Hopper loaders. What could be causing this?

  10. other side says:

    That is 100% exactly what i expected your minecraft character to look like, at the end. Great video though.

  11. faraz ahmed says:

    Very nice! Great vid 😀

  12. sjakedude says:

    How can you build this in the spawn chunks? Because you need to have the lazy chunk processing to break the bedrock and the spawn chunks never unload. Or am I wrong with this assumption?

  13. N3rdboy 47 says:

    I can only imagine how long you record each of your videos. Keep up the great work!

  14. sjakedude says:

    So is there any way to make a 100% reliable wither cage in minecraft 1.10?

  15. Harvey Rice says:

    How do i remove the bedrock that is below the center of the ring of bedrock for the wither cage?

  16. Beast says:

    We used your lazy chunk detector today for bedrock removal, saved us hours!

  17. Itzjuliee says:

    hey dude i was wondering if u can make a video to make this in skyblock since there is only 1 piece of bedrock and also if u can include a safe way to keep the wither in the skyblock………………….ty

  18. Yuuya says:

    bello anche se cercavo una farm con il wither a chi serve puo vedere sul mio canale

  19. what is this about typical and non-medical bedrock generation?

  20. Use obsidian not bedrock right?

  21. Bjornstrand says:

    I wish you could make this on skyblock ;P

  22. Hey I've started building this on my single player world and have successfully removed all of the bed rock around and on top of the cage down to y level zero but I'm struggling with the piston breaking method you used for breaking bedrock horizontally I was wondering if you would make a tutorial on how to do that if you have time Rays Works

  23. Jucyo says:

    Hi I know the cage is 3×3 with a hole in the centre for the wither to be in the. Centre.. does the bottom of the 3×3 have to be bedrock too

  24. can obsidian cage the wither??

  25. FireX says:

    Does the back piston that the back of faces the brock u wanna break, does it have to be directly powered or thru 1 block, cuz ive tried were I go block, redstone, then the brock again and i wont work?

  26. 19MisterX98 says:

    Does it work in 1.13 snapshots

  27. Gigastar says:

    automatic breaking melon farm XD

  28. EventHorizon says:

    Does it have to be loaded all the time?

  29. EventHorizon says:

    1. Wasn't breaking bedrock with Dragon Egg fixed in 1.13?
    2. Can you just build it in the Nether ceiling?

  30. i dont think this would work in 1.13 ray because you cant break bedrock with dragon eggs

  31. Alabar3000 says:

    Turning a lv 100 boss into a lv 1 slave…

  32. so like this does NOT work in survival…

  33. Jofray says:

    hey ray can u show us how to convert this to a concrete machine ? i cant figure it out 🙂

  34. Chris says:

    the method used to break the wither cage bedrock doesnt seem to work for me. any other method with such a compact design?

  35. Does this work in 1.16.2?

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