Intel 6950X Review – A $1,700 Processor??

Do more cores make for a better processor? Let’s find out if the Intel 6950X can justify its seemingly ridiculous US$1,700 pricetag…

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22 Replies to “Intel 6950X Review – A $1,700 Processor??”

  1. RealTuber says:

    It's fun to rewatch this in 2019, when AMD releases a 16-core desktop chip for less than half the price of this 😉

  2. I'm writing this very late but you should add on the title cpu for just RICH guys Only. This cpu is just for people who is 30 years old and a little before that.

  3. StaelTek says:

    imagine this:
    July 2016: $1089 for 8 cores
    February 2017: $330 for 8 cores (Ryzen 1700)

  4. It is 2019 and I'm watching this on my R9 3900x (12 Core 24 Thread) Cpu and paid 500 € for it which is a less than a third than the 6950x. What time to be alive 🙂
    I wait for the next comment of the future to have even more cores and power.

  5. Helyis says:

    Watching this on end 2019, right after 10980xe/3950x and 3rd gen threadripper, it's really interesting to see how much things changed in 3 years !

  6. Is amazing how little Linus Tech Tips did know back then and how they haven't change that trend.

    3D rendering task doesn't care much about CPU frequencies, but core amount, those 20 cores make a noticeable difference vs 16 cores.

    While the price back then in 2016 and today, doesn't make much sense, but back then in 2016 there wasn't any really alternatives, no one buying these kinds of CPU care about single core performance.

  7. i found on alibaba at 50 bucks…… is a serious company briliantco. ltd is used and i think that it come form a server……

  8. i found one used in alibaba by briliant coltd and it cost only 50 buck…….. is a serious company with some trayectory on the market i should buy it?

  9. 5960X is still the best value, with 8 cores and over clocks easy to 4.5GHz

  10. Hitasssss says:

    Well well, what a dinosour this is. Look, 10900K now 10c/20t 5 ghz CPU for less than 600 bucks. What amazing job did AMD!

  11. Droid3455 says:

    Now my 3700x at 4.3ghz scores 2214 in cinebench r15 for just 300$ lol

  12. Tin Wolf says:

    Here i am 2020 , just now know this @@

  13. Pat Ibe says:

    Just stopping by cause its 4 years later… price on ebay 500usd, not 60usd. And we still do not have 40 core cpus 🙂

  14. I come from the future and now it only costs 5 dollars on ebay

  15. Message from future : amd Shat on this processor

  16. Almanac says:

    No you can’t. Cheapest used on eBay in 2020 is around 500$. Maybe a bit cheaper from China

  17. HMS says:

    10900K is the same as this CPU LOL

  18. Hello 2020 viewers! You can now buy the same core and thread count processor for 29% of this price. You can thank AMD for that.

  19. Rhey Palomo says:

    lmao this processor is shit nowadays

  20. joltx says:

    It would still be another couple of months until AMD unveiled their first gen ryzen chips. And now we're already getting ryzen 5000… Time flies

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