Peaceful Mode Switch- Prevents hostile mobs from spawning! | Minecraft

July 15, 2016 by 46 Comments

I show how to make a peaceful mode switch for smp and ssp. It allows the turning off and on of hostile mobs spawns in your world! I designed this last year for the withergrave but never got around to showing it. Relogging in ssp can cause mobs to spawn in some situations. Enjoy!

World DownLoad:
Bedrock Breaking with dragon eggs:
Bedrock Breaking with nether portals:
Bedrock Breaking with pistons:
AFK wither skeleton farm:

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ProtoTech Advanced Technical Survival SMP Server:

Recorded with OBS and edited with WMM.


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46 Replies to “Peaceful Mode Switch- Prevents hostile mobs from spawning! | Minecraft”

  1. Mushushu says:

    Another reason why Shulkers should be renewable. 🙁

  2. Quazap says:

    Awesome! Keep up the good work Ray!

  3. nice video but i have a couple questions.
    if i built this in my world how many blocks i need to dic from spawner for this spawner continue to spawn mobs?
    the redstone can load chunks. but I dont know what version is better the redstone ir hoppers if I need to load 5 chunks.

    a zipkrowd member wich it is ElrichMC (is a spanish guy) do this in his survival and he has a instant home teleporter this work becouse he has a entity prossesing chunk for load enderpearls I recomend this guy 😀

  4. That wither skulls dont stop anymore when unloaded and reloaded again, does that also happen with ghast fireballs

  5. Cat says:

    I love this channel, but I barely ever understand it. I especially don't understand what lazy processing chunks are, how to find them, and also how people break bedrock, in the overworld, nether, and in the end gateway

  6. When the chunks are unloaded during the autosave, do the hoppers reload them before any mobs can start spawning? And didn't you say in another video that hostile mobs despawn when in lazy chunks on servers?

  7. 陈瀚可 says:

    Why don't you use the NAME_TAG?

  8. Any use for frozen wither skulls from before 1.9? I got a bunch in my world. You can push em around with slime blocks and pistons hahaha.

  9. kades says:

    I tried to make a mob switch by putting mobs in hopper loaded lazy chunks but had the problem that mobs would be able to spawn during 1 tick when an autosave happens. Did you notice this happening?

  10. do guardians count to the hostile mob cap

  11. ReiNa says:

    So, it means ENDERDRAGON counts toward the mobcap?

    this is really bad for dragon farm =(

  12. jack elliot says:

    how do you make a chunk loder

  13. kikawet says:

    omg thank you!!!! I've search for a switch for a really long time

  14. oh… shit… i didnt know void cages were broken in 1.9… that is really stupid…
    i ve thought about wither mob switches but i guess using a spawner isnt really a big deal… i guess once i can i might try adn see if wouts commadn block type 1 stable loading is sufficent for a mob switch
    using your endercrystal cage would be a possibility too i guess. putting the withers into that wouldnt be that easy but maybe it could work

  15. This is awesome. I thought they changed the hopper loading thing. I've been waiting for so long to see a really stable mob switch for 1.7+

    Thank you soooo much!!!!

  16. TomBenBel says:

    does the ender dragon still count to the mobcap during it's death animation? Cause then you could use Panda4994`s xp-farm-design to achieve this (+remote chunk loading)

  17. maum_1800 says:

    amazing Rays, you always have something inusual to surprise us, love <3

  18. Pedro Suarez says:

    i still prefer itzfoxis's method .

  19. James Shasha says:

    do hopper chunk loaders still work ? the only way i can reliably get chunks loading is with redstone which causes a lot of lag :/

  20. VAJ says:

    you can store a lots of silverfish in stone and get them out all once

  21. Shuhao Tian says:

    Im using shulkers instead of withers like ilmango (nice invention btw)

  22. Would it not be easier, for the overworld, to put nametag on mobs at a mobspawner to prevent them from despawning instead of using withers or shulkers? Or just throw in some pumpkins in a collection area at a zombie or skeleton spawner?

  23. Brilliant! SAVED. You should do a video JUST on hopper chunk loaders

  24. random name says:

    im having trouble with the chicken dying when i reopen the world. does it matter if its surrounded by blocks

  25. Snowka says:

    some helpful tips~

    There are two voids.
    Void 1 – Y 0 to Y – 63
    Void 2 – Y – 64 and below.
    Anything that's at level -64 and below is always instantly destroyed. Always. What you meant to say is that the Withers projectile doesn't get instantly destroyed at Y level 0, like all entities already did.

  26. Shuhao Tian says:

    But I need so much soul sand for withers… I'm very poor in that

  27. xFiReXrAiNx says:

    i see nametags wouldnt work but could you use the zombies ability to pick up items or would they not count either?

  28. Martijn says:

    but what if you name them?

  29. tpd says:

    does it work to just rename 70 hostile mob to prevent them from despawning?

  30. Why not just use peaceful mode

  31. Mr. Bloom says:

    I am so lucky I have a friend on a server that has an iron farm so I can craft all of the hoppers needed to go out to an end portal where I can dupe stuff

  32. GARRITORIOUS says:

    Or you could just buy a second Minecraft account and sit him next to a spawner

  33. Kevin Hughes says:

    That ONE Skeleton with all the cave spiders: "Please help. I'm not related!"

  34. fine93 says:

    oh boy, 70×3 for every dimension, thats a lot of withers…..

  35. Boggless says:

    From my understanding chunk-loaders are completely broken 1.14+ as of this comment

  36. Morpheas says:

    So ALL of this work is done just so you dont change the difficulty to peaceful from the Escape menu?

  37. 5:30 I know that bedrock, see you soon.

  38. Ray N. says:

    Hey you seem like a really cool dude, you helped Philza out and you posted on Reddit and really helped my out. You just earned a subscriber

  39. I will definitely mad this whenever I have an afk wither skull farm and the skulls needed. So maybe a 3-6 months or a bit sooner. I will definitely come back to this video. After all I do still play in 1.12 in my main single player world.

  40. Casabon A. says:

    Hey Ray. I've attempted to make this work but have run into a problem.

    The wither seem to have a lot harder time targeting the chicken through the bedrock now (1.14.4). It is solved by moving the chicken closer to the wither once it spawns in.
    However, what's the bigger problem is that if I leave the area to return later (fx through a nether portal) then they won't retarget the chicken (even if they're right below it and the chicken being kept at y=2). Instead they just go passive and drop into void.

    Do you have any idea what's going on and if it could be circumvented? I couldn't read anything in the patch notes that would suggest this behavior was changed.

  41. Bryan W says:

    no. you should use shulkers for a mob switch. you can put them in minecarts and transport them into and out of the necessary chunks. hermitcraft does it and it is by far the most effective method. they won't despawn for one thing.

  42. Methyl Group says:

    since 1.14 we can use netherportal chunkloader to do the same thing within 1min!

  43. Will this work in 1.15.2-1.16?