AFK Arrow of Slowness Farm with Looting! [Infinitely Automatic] 1.10 Survival | Ray’s Works

August 27, 2016 by 23 Comments

I show my farm for slowness arrows. This allows you to be able to afk and use the looting effect on the mobs indefinitely. This farm consist of many interesting mechanics that allows this to work. Enjoy!

World Download:
Dog looting bug:
Trapdoor powering bug:

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ProtoTech Advanced Technical SMP Server:

Recorded with OBS and edited with WMM.


Rays Works


23 Replies to “AFK Arrow of Slowness Farm with Looting! [Infinitely Automatic] 1.10 Survival | Ray’s Works”

  1. oh nice idea!!! and very easy

  2. Rays Works says:

    What would you do with infinite amounts of slowness arrows?

  3. How about using snowballs to push them off so you dont have to care about spawning baby chickens ?

  4. Julian D. says:

    this is very well thought thru and i really like the egg system you use, i think this can be used for a lot diffrent systems.

  5. creative way of killing the skeletons. although i dont think just using a mending bow would be a problem

  6. Minougarou says:

    Nice concept, can be usefull in a PvPServer if you want to slow others guys! But not really usefull in solo.

  7. Oreo Lamp says:

    Or you could just use a mending-looting 3 unb 3 diamond sword and a piston that retracts a block from the way, then the sword can use the sweep attack, you wont need the whole chicken thingamabob that causes lag and blocks the mobcap or costs a whole bunch of nametags.

  8. Oreo Lamp says:

    One might think your thumbnail and title are clickbait, but they be wrong! But still tho, i think you should change/put to rest of "infinitly automatic" videos instead of "infinitly automatic" you should put "infinitly AFKable", becouse they really are not automatic, they are AFKable, unless they do not require player doing anything.

  9. Great vid as always

  10. HalfInt says:

    What a simple way to solve the problem of the Mobs pushing each other out of the bay! Great you found it. I ran into that problem when I was experimenting with throwing snowballs as an alternative to spam-clicking for xp farms.

  11. Logix says:

    I wonder how many times you've said "by player means" in this video ;3

  12. jfb-1337 says:

    Could this technique be used for an auto fishing farm?

  13. Pinomial says:

    What if you use a dispenser to throw the egg?

  14. Xav101 says:

    While the the infinite slowness arrow part is cool, I still feel like the infinite armor part of this is cooler. Potion arrows don't really have that much of a use, so the armor part is cooler. I could see a decent amount of uses for the armor. For example, you could make an arena, and have an Armor Sorter, so you could choose what type of difficulty you wanted for the the fight, and it would equip you with that type of armor. If you had a zombie/skelton spawner nearby, you could have a sorter that sorts out mobs that can pick up items, and auto-equips them with armor based on the difficulty. Or, you could make it so you equip people with a random set of armor instead of having a difficulty selector.

  15. larry yang says:

    Could you make a video with helpful afk farms for console minecraft?

  16. gamer xd says:

    ray can try to spawn herobrine

  17. UYNiko says:

    Looting does not work if you hit a mob with a snowball or an egg, an easy way to test it is to get a lvl 127 looting sword and push a mob into a magma block or a ledge, you won't get extra items from it (or get a slowness arrow 100% of the time).

  18. Zedni says:

    hey ray that bug thing you are talking is "BUD" (bud update detector)

  19. Evan Curry says:

    How do you get the spawner up that high

  20. Zerathon says:

    Are strays not spawning from spawners exposed to the sky any longer? On my SMP server, my farm exposed to the sky in Ice Plains, no longer produces strays.

    Looking further, they removed some tag in 1.11. When I reverted a copy to 1.10, the spawner is now empty of any mob, so I'm guessing this tag thing that was removed in 1.11 caused only skeles to spawn from spawners.

  21. Yis Pinto says:

    Can it work in 1.11? Or 1.12.2 or 1.12.1 or 1.12 ?

  22. You can right-click on fences, because of the leash knot on fences thing