Simple AFK Ghast Catcher! | 1.9-1.16.3+ Minecraft

August 14, 2016 by 35 Comments

I show a simple afk ghast catcher design that allows for quick setup with good rates. This is the design of ghast catch that I use to stock any farm that needs ghast in it. I used the 1.8 version of this to make simple wither skeleton farm on the Prototech SMP and it yielded more ghast than we needed. Enjoy!

World Download:
Breaking bedrock with dragon eggs:
Simple Wither Skeleton farm using ghast catcher:

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ProtoTech Advanced Technical SMP Server:

Recorded with OBS and edited with WMM.


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35 Replies to “Simple AFK Ghast Catcher! | 1.9-1.16.3+ Minecraft”

  1. ybg sneak says:

    Now tell me how to build this in single layer survival

  2. TN Hiking says:

    Dang! It seems like your life is Minecraft game mechanics because you are so smart! XD
    Good job coming up with these amazing videos! 😀

    (P.S. You deserve like 3M+ Subs dude.)

  3. hi I'm a new YouTuber I would like to collab with you

  4. I have a PC and a console PlayStation 3

  5. MegaAZAZ101 says:

    that red background is very irritating though

  6. the rick says:

    Amazing build! Just too bad i'm on console.. i can't download the world to copy it! Last time i passed thru bedrock i couldn't use a pickaxe.. will i be able to use a bow or sword to kill the ghast?

  7. Princekeoki says:

    So we have to dig out a very large to so this?

  8. Very Impressive.
    I have a few questions,

    A) Can every other stone block be replaced with trapdoors to increase the number of pigman deaths?

    B) Can ghasts be forced in a crammed space for a crusher/sweeping edge xp farm while the ghast is unable to see the the player? (To prevent Griefing)

    Really good vid, really looking forward to your vids

  9. Quinn Allred says:

    Try making a mob head farm, involving charged creeper explosions. Seems like a hard task, but based off of what you can do, I think you can do it easily. Its fine if you can't.

  10. Beau B says:

    Lol that looks cool

  11. Clewl Tetsui says:

    I remember watching this a while back, now I'm going to build something like it, but I'll put lava on the floor so that only ghasts spawn, since ghasts don't mind spawning in lava.

  12. Larry says:

    Do the cobblestone walls increase the chances of the minecart picking up the ghast or can i use blocks instead?

  13. Lawrence says:

    Now you can catch ghast to make slaves of, or you can just murder the ghasts

  14. kech07 says:

    May I ask why it is 1.8+? There does not seem to be any features that 1.7 does not have ;D

    Nice small System and Useful though.

  15. Smol bug says:

    Wow! Back when you sounded depressed.

  16. Will you post the schematic as I cannot load the world file.

  17. Puffster says:

    Is it possible while being afk that the ghasts will despawn even while in the minecarts?

  18. Daniel Hani says:

    add iron golems for magma slimes add turtle eggs for the pigmen and you got yourself a nice farm/ ghast catcher

  19. turt says:

    "Whenever i build projects that use ghasts i need a ghast catcher"
    Whenever i need ghasts i just use a bow and an arrow then kill them and if i need it alive, i just dont do it
    This guy is a top level player

  20. I was trying this with and without a turtle egg to remove pigmen. Without the pigmen jostling the ghast, it does not seem to move on its own.

  21. NanoGalactic says:

    Without pigman collection:
    115 powered rails
    114 rails
    30 levers
    346 walls
    931 smooth stone
    94 stone slabs
    4 wooden trapdoors
    1 dispenser
    1 hopper
    2 chests
    5 stone pressure plates
    10 buttons
    5 sticky pistons
    121 ladders
    8 redstone torches

    with pigman collection:
    add 6 hoppers, 6 stone buttons and 2 chests

  22. Alvin Ng says:

    Does this work in 1.14.4?

  23. poo haha says:

    is there a block by block tutorial? i'll probably mess it up somehow if i try to do it by eye

  24. Ub3rshadow says:

    For 1.13+ you can use turtle eggs to much more rapidly dispose of the pigmen and/or store them for killing for xp and moar gold. This'll also help spawn rates

  25. Loved the minecart pez dispenser. Sure will look cool in other builds using glass

  26. Hentai Nat says:

    Would putting turtle eggs to lure pigmen into falling to their death increase this farm's efficiency?

  27. Joel Roy says:

    Why was this depressing to watch for me?

  28. m1lky says:

    world download is broken

  29. TheKingNerd says:

    How do i build this without the nether roof? Do I have to make a huge perimeter? Please tell me! If you can, then I can make this in bedrock edition

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