Simple Wither Skeleton Farm! (3 skulls/min) Minecraft [CHECK description]

August 19, 2016 by 40 Comments

Edit: NEW version
Edit: 1.11+ MaxEntityCramming needs to be set to 0. Also withers skeletons don’t spawn in doors anymore so you have to swap them for stairs to stop slimes.

I show the simple wither skeleton farm that we built on the ProtoTech SMP. The farm can be build with minimal resources and time yet it gives efficient rates. It produces about 3 skulls per min on average when using the portal method. Enjoy!

World Download:
Simple Ghast Catcher:
Omeganx Utility Mod:
Building wither skeleton farm on SMP:
Dogs don’t give correct loots:

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ProtoTech Advanced Technical SMP Server:

Recorded with OBS and edited with WMM.


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40 Replies to “Simple Wither Skeleton Farm! (3 skulls/min) Minecraft [CHECK description]”

  1. Vexern says:

    first lol srry dis commet

  2. Mxli says:

    Awesome video once again ray 🙂

  3. Quazap says:

    I really like how you remove the unwanted mobs in the 1.9 version. Very clever!

  4. I really like this farm. 🙂

  5. ShadowVolf says:

    does it make a big difference if you don't use packed ice for the spawning floors

  6. Arya Kumar says:

    This is awesome dude!

  7. SuperNikio2 says:

    i will build this for sure

  8. hmm wasnt this much slower in 1.7 bc of all the blocks at spawning layer?

  9. KyoshiDeath says:

    Hey rays, very good work as always, but I got two questions :
    You say 3 skulls per min, but to have that rate you need to clear every spawning places at 128 blocks around the farm, right ?

    And what is the fastest way to remove spawning places outside of the farm (alone :x) ? I think it is lava, but I also think that it is gonna be really laggy (I'm not playing on a godlike computer). That's why I thought about another idea, trees : you dig a 3 block deep hole in the floor every 4 or 5 blocks (I don't remember, I got that idea a month ago), put dirt in the lowest block of the holes and plant oak trees.

    My brothers told me that it was gonna be laggy as well, but I'm not sure : why would this be laggier than a regular forest..?

    Ty for reading (and answering :D)

  10. Sam King says:

    Hey man ive replied on minecraft forum would be great if i could get some feedback

  11. iHouse Shop says:

    I like this design but getting all of those ghast would be annoying

  12. Ur voice is driving me fucking crazy

  13. good job ghosts are simple to catch and move

  14. It still works in 1.11, right?

  15. Does it still work in 16w42a?

  16. AccFromL says:

    Hey guys! Do you know any survival server that is like the hermitcraft one? I just want to play vanilla minecraft but all my friends play GTA!

  17. Oreo Lamp says:

    "This wither skeleton farm is designed so that it can be built ip very quickly, and also gives you good rates". Yea. Dont say anything about the insane amount of effort that goes into making a perimeter. If you are willing to invest that much time in anything like perimeter, you would certainly want something fast in return. Something like jl2579's witherwiper still works (again) and is much faster.

  18. I did what you said with the doors but wither skeletons do not spawn on blocks with doors. doesn't matter if there open or what direction there facing

  19. chaztech says:

    omg dude i just wanna know how far to drop to make them i hit kills :3

  20. Deew says:

    Works in 1.11?

  21. Fox Mulder says:

    Hi, do you plan to make a design that is fully optimized for the latest versions ? I just finished my nether perimeter after almost a year of effort (6.5 million netherrack, all by myself :8) and I'm looking for a good farm, however it seems no one has even tried to design a wither skeleton farm since translocation got removed

  22. does this work with translocation removed?

  23. Jesse Valdes says:

    Can i use a different crusher?

  24. Okay, but how do you get a ghast in a minecart?

  25. Alon Maayan says:

    are the endermen a problem?

  26. Dokta Bling says:

    very simple getting ghasts in to minecarts

  27. Alon Maayan says:

    if my Y value of the crossroad is 66, what are the Y values for the spawning pads?

  28. W B says:

    holy crap did you do the voice acting for south fucking park?!

  29. Ellie Morley says:

    Does this work in 1.12

  30. This work in 1.12 too? Because looks really well.

  31. baconcow says:

    How is this at all simple? There is no way I would bother building this in survival mode, which is the only mode it would make sense to have on.

  32. Nu _Jasuu says:

    I️ thought wither skeletons can only spawn on nether brick?

  33. Epic Man says:

    3 per minute…. that is revolutionary. Nice!

  34. Shortink says:

    “Simple and easy”

  35. prismavoid says:

    Does this still work in 1.13?

  36. b00T says:

    Wow Ray you have a different meeting to word quick

  37. FurryEskimo says:

    As cool as that is, idk how I'm expecting to get so many ghasts into minecrafts.. Also, I can't see the area zoning the way you can,, aaaand I'm in the nether where stuff spawns all over. Is this efficient when not built in a void?