$300 CPU Beats $4000 CPU?? – Cores vs clockspeed for video encoding

September 13, 2016 by 30 Comments

Well… We haven’t made a mistake this significant in quite some time, so let’s get into how you can avoid “pulling a Linus” with your own setup…

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30 Replies to “$300 CPU Beats $4000 CPU?? – Cores vs clockspeed for video encoding”

  1. Can we have a 2600X vs 1700 & 1700X video

  2. Can you please link the "36 Core Xeon VLOG" video.. The link above is incorrect and takes you to the Laszlo music link..

  3. 1ch0 says:

    Just giving away: I dont like Linus.
    But: Stop hyping Ryzen and telling people GPU Encoding would be so bad. It is simply not. When streaming on twitch, my 720p30 with 7.6 MBit/s on NVENC just look better in most party than what other streamers produce when using their CPU.. Why? Well, because.. They read CPU is so much better and wont believe anything else anymore. Its just ignorant. Just check for yourself. NVENC doesnt look worse and you dont waste CPU power, energy and time. There is no reason at all today for using the CPU for encoding, if you not have a really big streaming rig like an threadripper 1950X or higher which does the encoding entirely.

  4. I watched this while drunk and it finally made sense

  5. kumbandit says:

    And then Threadripper enters the arena…

  6. How about transcoding multiple video files at once CPU utilisation will Rise I've done transcoding 3 videos at the same time with AVS video trends converter with AVS video converter

  7. Something like handbrake would use most if not all the cores.

  8. WAIT WAIT WAIT… did it have RGB? NO!?!? Well there's your problem silly!

  9. Interesting video would be nice to see an updated video. With ryzen 3000 series coming out and 16 cores becoming more affordable would interesting to find out if there worth it or not

  10. Cicero 219 says:

    Mmmmhhh 4k looks great on the lg 4k oled top of the line

  11. Software utilization. If Adobe wanted, they can use the GPU at 100 percent during export from Lightroom or Premiere. Adobe isn't even trying. Adobe finally released an update to Premiere that allows proper 4K playback on older iMacs. Now a 2013 iMac can playback multiple streams of 4K video on a Adobe Premiere timeline. This used to be very hard even for the iMacPro. Software developers need to pull up there socks and hire more staff to solve the software bottlenecks.

  12. Clockspeed or clocksped?

  13. atd godjjj says:

    i know, it's 2019 and i'm late but curiosity from my parallel programming class brought me back here again and I just want to leave this:

    ambdahl's law

  14. Those are some long times but imagine with my PC with a 2400s

  15. EN YOSHA says:

    idiot riche

  16. fanofCOH says:

    Uber Xeon. I lold

  17. Every man knows that it aint the speed of your clock, but how you use it that matters. ^__–

  18. James Roggy says:

    Linux is always the wrong tool for the job 🙂

  19. Radeo Dreams says:

    lost of time, this test are imcomplete he show only he wants, i dont need watch the video for find out knowlege is faster than money, most the spensive peaces his buy is just for money show never he build a pc for real perfomance, some videos here is good but if take all channel is like 2 out 10 so you just need wait a 2 videos and skip the rest

  20. "Costs only a few hundred bucks"

    The most expensive CPU I have ever purchased was 20 bucks

  21. The question isn't if the price can be beaten but the technology in said item, for example say i have the 2214$ Titan X Pascal which is a old GPU (3 years) and put it against a RX 5700 XT which despite costing only 616$ going by userbenchmark will smash it due to advanced technology

  22. Ryan Malin says:

    pudgit systems is the real deal

  23. Niclas Wyatt says:

    THE only option is testing for your needs….

    …… since everybody has dozens of top of the line CPUs, mainboards etc. laying around at home 😂😂😂😂

  24. 0:55 if you look close you can see it's not Linus

  25. Would be awesome to hear your guys' opinions on a build for an audio encoding/studio mixing rig. It's almost the polar opposite of gaming as far as hardware needs, and GPU processing was almost abandoned in ~2010 era until proprietary VST(most common audio plugin format) companies started introducing them as peripherals.

    Do you do any consultation for nerds or custom video requests? Especially with a current AMD build (bulldozer and no multithreading meant AMD = pain for quite a while until audio plugin companies pulled it together as a group).

  26. Its 2020 every game and application now a days uses 8 cores minimum and if you have 4 cores in 2020 ur fucked unless u only play indee games or old school games

  27. GOOD2DIE says:

    The psu plug in the start of the video, my face

  28. Xeon E5: 22-core/$4000
    Threadripper: "Gotta end this man's whole career."

  29. Wayne Cruz says:

    Cores don't matter