🕷️ Dissecting A Real Tarantula With A 60,000 PSI Waterjet Biology Lesson 🕷️ Interesting

October 28, 2016 by 40 Comments

A Real Large Tarantula vs a 60,000 psi waterjet cutter! 🕷️

Welcome to the waterjet biology class, today we’ll be teaching spider anatomy. We got a real Tarantula from eBay and wanted to cut it in half and see what’s inside. For dissecting this Tarantula we of course turned to our 60,000 PSI waterjet cutter. This big creepy spider didn’t stand a chance. I didn’t think it would be a real spider, i thought maybe it would just be the skin they shed, but it was for sure real, and super stinky. We thought it was an interesting cross section.

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40 Replies to “🕷️ Dissecting A Real Tarantula With A 60,000 PSI Waterjet Biology Lesson 🕷️ Interesting”

  1. Ronin User says:

    You made brisket.

  2. Kram Nevets says:

    Your terrible.
    That’s the best part.

  3. Gl❶r says:

    Idk why but the beginning scared me

  4. Drechen Lard says:

    why no lick test wtf?

  5. Suri Alpaca says:

    So thats where Amberlynn reid got that song from.

  6. Hanako Kun says:


  7. Mark Hahn says:

    Hey mang! LICK TEST!

  8. Should have cut lucas in half with your pk water.

  9. Julian says:

    I would give a thumb down on this vid but Co e on it is already dead and IT looks……… Interesting

  10. Alex Mccann says:

    this video was a huge disappointment

  11. Raging Agent says:

    cuts a spider in half

    “That’s kinda gross lookin”

  12. Creation has alway been harder than destruction. So losers just destroy stuff because they can't find ideas for creating things.

  13. Polo man looks like Mark Zuckerberg

  14. Eelan A says:

    That was cool!

  15. Manni Tiger says:

    Awww that poor spider

  16. Julian says:


  17. 4EyedBlaccat says:

    i collect specimens and bones stuff like that so this hurt to watch you cut open XD

  18. You guys are really terrible in this video.

  19. Caitlin Xox says:

    Why the fuck did I search this

  20. This made me feel sick

  21. deeqa jama says:

    You are terrible people.

  22. You are terrible people.

  23. KNIFEGUY1701 says:

    Content cop: waterjet channel

  24. DOOM92 says:

    Why the lucas amiibo?

  25. Does anybody know what breed of tarantula that was? It looks HUGE. Bet that was someone's pet at one time, which is kinda sad

  26. Justin Clark says:

    When I was in Cambodia 10 years ago I ate a whole tarantula. There was a big platter of them at a market, they were cooked in a wok with some spices. The muscle actually tasted somewhat like crabmeat, overall not bad tasting at all once you get over that it’s a big spider, haha.

  27. It looks satisfying To me

  28. A Fox says:

    I like it cause the spider is dead

  29. I havr anachrophobia😫😫😫😫😫😶😶…

  30. Joshy Gaming says:

    A insect abuse video huh, entertainng…

  31. i remember watching this because i wanted to find new ways to kill things

  32. jjodoin05 says:

    Thank you for killing that spider. One less for me to worry about.

  33. NU Kwok says:

    is this a jojo reference?

  34. Sazfor says:

    Your terrible people

  35. Caleb Hale says:

    I genuinely enjoy the beats behind the cutting they actually fit so well with it

  36. HotDommy says:

    That's neat I've always wanted to see something like this.. thanks!

  37. Lee Gould says:

    It would’ve been better if they cut it into a jig-saw shape so that it could slot back together.