LGR – Audio-Technica ATH-ADG1X Headset Review

October 28, 2016 by 24 Comments

$300 for a gaming headset? Here’s hoping they’re super well-built…
(Headset provided to me by Audio-Technica for review.)

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24 Replies to “LGR – Audio-Technica ATH-ADG1X Headset Review”

  1. THECULPRIT says:

    Do you think it's worth the new $199 price tag?

  2. ad900x w/mic.. 299$ Audiophile cans with built in mic. Not really a "gaming" headset in the sense that the headphones were specifically designed for gaming in mind.

  3. Walking says:

    Very good review. Thank you for showing the recording from the headset mic, and giving your honest opinion about the breakout box! That popping needs to addressed on a 300$ headset!! That being said, I'm still buying the headset, they look beautiful & sound amazing. Great vid lul @4:00

  4. Andrei Man says:

    omg for 300 euro such low quality

  5. Orh Pi Sai says:

    Bro… Your posture is really bad.

  6. Hi LGR,
    You're absolutely right about the mic quality. It's fantastic ! ! I just received mine today and I love em. I played a bit BF1 and some BF4. . Pure awesomesauce 🙂

    LOOL @ the 3m mark when you said they almost feel "disposable" love that one.

    You were right about the mute and volume inline control. Terrible quality. I just leave it at 90% volume and master control it through my Sennheiser GSX1000 headphone amp, or for a changeup, I use my Mayflower ARC. I like variety and options too.

  7. fir4ge says:

    They price is not entirely ridiculous for what you get. The mic is the best one available in any consumer headset, although not by a great margin. The high price mostly comes from the audiophile headphones they're based on. The sound is the main thing. They do let you down in some superficial aspects, which is a shame, but as usual those surface aspects are arguably much more important to 5-minute reviewers than actual power users.

  8. Watched it one more time LGR. @the 1m52s mark. That look on your face though, priceless 😀

  9. L4nc34l0t says:

    My soundcard has an external volume knob for the headset and i use push-to-talk ingame all the time every time… I guess that makes the in-cable control box a non issue ^^
    …not to mention that the price is now at about half of the original one on places like amazon

  10. JrBlnX says:

    Just buy and AD700X (100.00 USD) and attach a Modmic 5 or 4 (70.00 USD for v5 and 55.00 USD for v4) to it and boom you got one of the best gaming headsets there is! It clears the mic sucking and this headset uses the same drivers as the AD700X so you keep the same sound quality.

    It's better than the ATH-ADG1X (300.00 USD Gaming headset) and its cheaper!

  11. Vertex51 says:

    That gun scene earned my sub. lol that was too funny…

  12. Flake Lorenz says:

    Summit 😂😂😂👏

  13. sistematic1 says:

    3 yrs later still no upgraded version of this headset

  14. Tone Chaser says:

    Perfect, thank you for the honesty 🙂

  15. Zack Poling says:

    Don't know if anyone has mentioned this yet, but the original headphone only model is the AD500x. $72 on Amazon. Perfect for the PC player that already has a mic. The higher end models are only going to be better for audiophiles, not gamers IMO.

  16. I bought a set of these since I needed a mic and my original ATH-AD700 headphones were starting to fall apart after 6 or so years of daily usage. Here are some things I'll point out as to why I kept with the same concept headphone, but with a mic:

    – Though the headset may feel cheap to some, due to weight and flexibility, that is all by design. This is, by far, the most comfortable over the headset I've used. When you don't notice the weight of the headset after gaming for a few hours, you know Audio Technica did something right.

    – Mic and headphone quality are above average vs pure audio headphone and high quality microphones. However, you don't feel like you are necessarily "missing" something when listening to music or even making a quick audio recording.

    – The earpads are not pleather/letherette. IMHO, they are so much more comfortable and feel less gross since sweat won't make them suction to your face.

    – In-line VC and mic mute is a non-issue (though the review's VC is definitely defective), most are going to have volume knobs/buttons/rollers on their mechanical-rbg-macro key laden keyboads. Also, I don't know of a team voice platform that doesn't allow for muting via macro. I like shift + ~ (just in case you are trying to press 1 for a weapon and get too excited, you don't suddenly go dark to your team). I use the mute rocker only after I'm done using the mic, kind of like an on/off switch.

    – My ATH-AD700 headphones took over 6 years of major abuse. The ATH-ADG1X build quality is even better.

    – Open ear headphones are a necessity in my house. The nice part is that the drivers will continue to break in over time and sound better the more you use them.

    Needless to say, I'm happy with mine. I was able to get them for sub $200, which is a fair price for this headset IMO. It may not be for everyone, but I don't see anything beating it for the money for my needs.

  17. Herr K. says:

    Would you say the microphone on the ATH-ADG1X is better than the ZALMAN ZM-MIC1 ?

  18. Does not look like the cable is detachable. Kind of a deal breaker

  19. How would this compare to game one?

  20. ThePaulg123 says:

    I have never heard of your channel before but that bit at 1:50 had me dying 😆

  21. MrD1ss says:

    lots of likes…. but this guy is a flog. does not know sound. every word every opinion is false. total bullsh1t. and why take off and flick the foam mic cover… as if he knows something. ZERO SOUND REVIEW, ZERO STAGE REVIEW. COMPLETE SH1T TALK… THIS WAS NOT A REVIEW. GARBAGE! Shows how dumb people are and know nothing. Go buy a cheap headset kunts. so many likes on a ZERO review? haha go buy a $29 kmart head set… you will love it for all those that gave this a thumbs up! BTW these are magic. impact base… full sound stage. handle massive base and explosion from games effects and crispy like a fresh guitar string. Amazing head set. if your after the best…. with a built in mic…. these are more than amazing. ( give them 20 hours of use for them to break in ) And trust me…. this guy KNOWS MOTHING!… JUST A FLOG YOUTUBER trying to make a channel.

  22. Despite its cons, this is the only product with the following specs: 1) open back; 2) with a microphone on the market. There exist a few models that have a removable cable where you can can plug in a removable mic, but I can't find where to buy them anywhere.