Super Simple Wither Cage! 1.12-1.11+ Vanilla Survival | Ray’s Works

October 1, 2016 by 29 Comments

I made a wither cage using the new 1.11 shulker boxes. It is non-locational meaning you can build it most anywhere. It is also pretty cheap and easy to build in survival. I test this farm for 24 hours. Enjoy!

World Download:
Myren’s wither skull explaination:

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ProtoTech Advanced Technical SMP Server:

Recorded with OBS and edited with WMM.


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29 Replies to “Super Simple Wither Cage! 1.12-1.11+ Vanilla Survival | Ray’s Works”

  1. hey, I'm a redstone builder too

  2. Adolf1Extra says:

    Can one use the overlapping lazychunks with the hopper chunkloading to keep this working?

  3. Caeden W. says:

    As far as escapes go, would you recommend surrounding the wither cage with obsidian? Just in case the shulker box does break? I know it can break it if it gets damaged but otherwise it should just be stuck right? I'm not sure if this works but in theory it could be a good practice.

  4. Jdender_ says:

    Can a wither break boats? If not you can just drop a boat on its head.

  5. Hexure says:

    Wait so if you reload the chunks, the entire thing breaks and the wither is free?
    Maybe you should have said that more…
    I was about to build this under my base so I can have a cool name tag thing!

  6. TheDanMan says:

    So how do you make sure the wither won't escape when you reload the chunks?

  7. Finger says:

    +Rays Works can you do 1.8 auto cobblestone generator using wither? im playing on multiplayer server. i cant use boat trick because clearlagg will clear the boat.

  8. TacoPlayz says:

    Is there a way to do it with mob greifing on?

  9. coffee_sgr says:

    Hey, I tried this by myself in my world, but i found the wither shooting the blue skulls at these iron golems, instead of harmless black skulls. I tried for many times and changed the positions of 2 iron golems, but it didn't work. Would you please send me a copy of your save or give me some more information about the wither cage? Thanks a lot.
    Sorry for my poor English. I'm a Chinese student and I'm still learning English.

  10. Jack Thomas says:

    Hey Ray,On the way to 28k subs let's hope u get 28k that would be great

  11. Jack Thomas says:

    27,934 subs so close I'll go on. To mineplex and see if I can get u more subs and do u know when IOS are getting the beta 1.2 update

  12. Why not use snowballs as a damaging tool?

  13. Will this work in 1 12 2? It looks like the nether portal bug was fixed.

  14. the shulker boxes were added in 1.9

  15. pyrotex07 says:

    Does it need to be build in the spawn chunks?

  16. Jerry Stamos says:

    Could you try to make a wither cage that can be moved as part of a flying machine

  17. Why he isn’t destroying the wall?

  18. Can I make an auto cobble farm with this

  19. Yis Pinto says:

    I feel bad 4 the wither

  20. ZPERO says:

    I was playing around with Wither Cages yesterday. I put a boat ontop of his head and that help him in place. But I was having issues with the Wither occasionally turning from the lower target and looking in a random direction. Another issue I was having was that in rare occasions (like once an hour sort of thing) I would come back to find it had broken out of it's cage. I just read the wiki page and it says the wither has a 0.1% chance of shooting a blue skull? If that's true then it's only a matter of time before it breaks out o:

  21. Nic Wong says:

    Hello, your videos are great! Do you have a Bedrock edition one? I only got mobile and Windows 10 UWP and not Java version(a friend of mine gave it to me)

  22. the bug is fixed in 1.12.2

  23. you should put flower pots in order to mantain the iron golems alive

  24. Someone says:

    Is there a way to kill the wither in this? Also, will it work in 1.12.2?

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