Diving Between the Continents (Silfra, Iceland) – Smarter Every Day 161

November 21, 2016 by 21 Comments

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Learn to Scuba Dive. I’m certified through PADI

Learna bout Silfra

How seals stay warm:

Illustrations: Bethany Gano
Editing assistant: Micah Clem
Thank you to Michael Janssen for helping with the animations.
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21 Replies to “Diving Between the Continents (Silfra, Iceland) – Smarter Every Day 161”

  1. RamblingDude says:

    I know I'm late to the party but I confess, I wondered for a brief moment if that water was potable. But then I watched Mr. D drink it, underwater. How awesome is that? To experience consumption of water, purposefully, under water just tickles me. I still like sports 🙂

  2. Strengthening the foundation of family does indeed start with mom and dad. They need to be good leaders to their kids. Aside all the neat science and how you dissect it, you and your wife also bring this joy and strength to my vision. I'm sure you guys are a great team and it shows watching and listening to what your kiddos say and do. 👍

  3. Beau True says:

    You wife seemed super psyched.

  4. 6:05

    Plot twist: somebody peed in that water

  5. Fuck You says:

    Just saying Iceland basically if you come here and have no days with wind and rain your super lucky

  6. I don't have a wife yet, but if Jesus bless me with one I think I want to have a marriage life like yours. God bless :).

  7. Beautiful family. Thank you, Destin (and Tara) for helping me get smarter every day.

  8. Judson Wahba says:

    Gods creation is beautiful
    He is truly amazing

  9. Alex Torres says:

    I just lost half of that big nose guy money about an hr ago

  10. I wonder if aerogel is a better idea for such dives.

  11. It appears that y'all have a great relationship. Congratulations. May y'all have many great years to come.

  12. Jack Mirly says:

    What would happen if there was an earthquake right then?

  13. Alex Gray says:

    Destin, Tom Scott just called you a liar. You should call him to fight.

  14. CurzenGT says:

    SmarterEveryDay goes ==D 0

  15. They don't deliver to India 😕
    …..love from India, sir ❤️❤️
    Your videos are so awesome 😍 💕

  16. Im 13 years old from Iceland and ive snorkled in silfra

  17. Austin Vice says:

    How dangerous is it diving down there? I mean I see all these boulders sitting at the bottom of the ridge and the walls look like they’re about to crumble apart. Do you have to keep a major eye out for falling rocks down there?….

  18. Brave wilderness came to that exact spot

  19. Usually you just pee in your wet suit to warm yourself up a little bit. I don't think that would work in this suit 😁😁😁

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