LGR – Hori TAC Pro – PS4 Keyboard & Mouse Review

November 14, 2016 by 33 Comments

Unit supplied by Hori USA for review. Taking a look at their Tactical Assault Commander Pro keyboard and mouse controller for the PlayStation 3 and 4! Does it provide PC-like control on consoles?

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33 Replies to “LGR – Hori TAC Pro – PS4 Keyboard & Mouse Review”

  1. How would you rate this versus GIMX? 🙂

  2. I Am Car says:


  3. When you dont want to watch the vid anymore press the number 5:40

  4. Acika says:

    I really don’t know… Some say it’s good and some says it’s not good..

  5. San Byar says:

    Is that works for ps3? Plz reply thanks

  6. Carl Wilson says:

    As a console gamer, I’m interested and likely wouldn’t notice how worse it is compared to PC. But rather hopefully how much better FPSs are with it.
    1 major problem for me though is the price.

  7. Excelente. Claro, conciso, y bien concreto.

  8. Can I Play Dead By Daylight with it?

  9. I don’t understand people that play from the couch. I find myself being much more comfortable and performing much better when I’m at a desk sitting in a DXRACER

  10. Spoopy Shane says:

    You said it yourself. It’s made for FPS games. It works best with rainbow six siege.

  11. 777 777 says:

    Is this compatible to all ps4 games?

  12. Cookie Dough says:

    Can i use any mouse on it

  13. 3200 dpi is terrible

  14. Webserveis says:

    Uuuff china quality…

  15. Does it work on any game?

  16. Clara Page says:

    This actually works very well but you have to not treat it as a PC keyboard and mouse,
    embrace the mouse acceleration it's this devices secret weapon giving you a greater range of fast turning and precise head-shoting than you could normally achieve on an analogue stick (there is knack to fine tuning this) also I went with a wildly different control scheme on the keyboard half that works a lot better for console gaming.

    Make sure to do the firmware update It makes a huge difference to aiming.
    I personally don't like the included mouse but I use the older heavier mouse that came with the very 1st TAC4 device

  17. The only PS4 game I know of that supports mouse and keyboard natively is Final Fantasy XIV.

  18. SaltyCow says:

    I'd probably just use this for my PC just for DOOM gameplay with the analog stick for hella smooth movement

  19. Tivnator SJT says:

    I want it!!! but built by Razer 🙂

  20. No mouse pad and give review

  21. randomstring says:

    So, PS4s existed in 2016. Wow, time flies! I've never owned one, but I consider it relatively new – turns out it isn't! It's probably a few years older than from 2016, even.

  22. And for PC configurations PLS !!!!!!!

  23. Weeby Kiwi says:

    is it possible to use a different mouse with extra buttons and map all the mouse buttons

  24. can I configure the R2 button for Turbo or rapid fire function?

  25. Is this compatible with every game on ps4 ?

  26. So was it good for PC?

  27. 1 skyrim is off on ps4 it hard to aim as is so that why it was so bad 2 duke is a cash grab and buggy with the aim 3 the updates with the tac pro m2 fix alot of this stuff

  28. Joe Bova says:

    There must have been a nice update because mine kicks ass on every game. Is pretty close to the pc mouse feel, not exact tho.

  29. god they cud have made something like gamesir g5 with the track pad on the right side… honestly if i can use the g5 on pa4 that wud be insane

  30. Can you… revisit this for warzone.

  31. Clara Page says:

    I have one of these and it's great… for some games
    but there is somethings that people should know to get the most out of it

    1. the default button layout is terrible, after reallocating all of the keys I've managed to make something quite intuitive that works for most shooters.

    2. It's best used with heavy mouse acceleration, due to the limitations of the analogue stick's input range making accurate linear mouse aiming rarely possible.

    3. Whilst it definitely isn't a traditional controller it also is a true keyboard & mouse but rather something in between and should be treated as such.

    4. It will not give you an unfair advantage but something akin to a Xbox Elite or Scuff controller, although it may make aiming easier for lower skilled console gamers.

    5. Its a lot of FUN to use, I personally use my tac4 for a bit of controller verity,
    or if I'm getting the urge to mess with some oddware and want to make some crazy control schemes 😀

    P.S. Tip: If you don't get on with the bundled mouse I recommend getting one from the original Tac4
    (possibly same as the Tac3's mouse?) its heavier, more ergonomic and slightly smaller.

  32. I find it interesting that this is from the same company Nintendo licensed to make the Super Game Boy and Super Game Boy 2.

  33. Channel07 says:

    DPI buttons always suck, that is my experience with gamer mouse (or "gamer" because i never sink to Razer or Steelseries budget. Though recently i got a decent HP Gaming Mouse M280)
    I always prefer using in game sensitivity options.
    As for how it apparently can accept other mouse, it's great in case of the mouse wearing out (often happened to me), though i think due to the price point it will stand for awhile.