Springbok Antelope Skull vs A 60,000 PSI Waterjet

November 9, 2016 by 31 Comments

A springbok skull vs a 60,000 psi waterjet cutter

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31 Replies to “Springbok Antelope Skull vs A 60,000 PSI Waterjet”

  1. kids in Africa could have eaten that skull

  2. shunorrr says:

    CPU vs A 60,000 PSI Waterjet

  3. Phil H. says:

    Springbok is German (orig.: springbock) and means sth like jump(ing) buck

  4. FANACM says:

    Это же был Богорог!

  5. Ruben Garcia says:

    this video is agressive to my religion

  6. Paul Giamatti's long lost son?

  7. halal ulaham says:

    pls katan vs jet

  8. Angel Rico says:

    Do a Cows Head next

  9. boshaznip says:

    Didn't see him lick it, how can you be certain it was real?

  10. Evan Scott says:

    cut a pool ball

  11. Moe R. says:

    Can you water jet Trump soon please?…

  12. "spongy bone" was the olfactory nerves coming out of the sphenoid

  13. ThrundaWolf says:

    Looks demonic… hang it up on my wall

  14. PLATOON72 says:

    1:21 looks like an opened cooked crab.

  15. king reck says:

    you don't know what a springbok is

  16. keep spraying stuff with water and stop talking ya idiots!

  17. gus23a says:

    Somebody is stupid!

  18. Springbok is the African name which is very similar to Dutch.
    Springbok = jump buck (male goat)

    Some others:
    Wildebeest = wild animal
    Boomslang = tree snake

  19. Pan and 27 Fawn disliked this video 😆

  20. SpoonJob says:

    Could've each had your own drinking horn :/

  21. A Springbok tastes better than it looks

  22. In South Africa there is a rugby team called the springbuck.. Which is my team… I'm from SA and that team used to be the greatest team in the world

  23. Onyx says:

    Is it possible to donate my body to the water jet channel so that they can cut me in half when I die?

  24. Joy Jones says:

    I called stupid, he didnt like the video, but I do.

  25. Alex IDK says:

    Can I have the horns

  26. Thanks. Disliked. Unsubbed.