Bullet vs Prince Rupert’s Drop at 150,000 fps – Smarter Every Day 165

December 29, 2016 by 34 Comments

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34 Replies to “Bullet vs Prince Rupert’s Drop at 150,000 fps – Smarter Every Day 165”

  1. Should’ve tried higher caliber rounds, .22 rounds carry so little energy

  2. What if you cover the tail with a shock absorbant material and shoot it again?

  3. This is what 007's car's glass is made of.

  4. Hans Jacob says:

    What if you do something to neutralize the shockwave?????

  5. Klams says:

    SmarterEveryDay: 150,000 fps
    Slow Mo Guys flex camera: sadness noise

  6. Could you make prince Ruperts drop in spave? Would it be the same with the lack of gravity?

  7. маленькая тайна -чтобы капля выдержала даже ядерный взрыв нужно поместить её заднюю часть в неньютоновскую жидкость

  8. I'm sitting here gassed just jamming out to the music

  9. Ricky Gonz. says:

    Hit it with a 50. call😈

  10. B O says:

    Why was there a door in the background

  11. Greg says:

    Do a 50 cal

  12. Gremlin says:

    I would be curious if it be the same with a faster round. 223 or 6.5 or 243.

  13. Giuliani says:

    Ok, I have skimmed through all these video's and I still don't get it. What is the big deal about a drop of glass? dunno. But it is pretty cool when it just shatters.

  14. Redline Ls says:

    So if I have enough Prince Rupert's drops I should be bullet proof?

  15. Rupert Baker says:

    what a cool name.

  16. Azraei Azman says:

    He missed? That's why it didn't break? The tail didn't get much vibration to shatter?

  17. Z Shieh says:

    this is what americans do

  18. Mark Day says:

    It was amazing to see the bullet just shatter. I really enjoyed the shot where the bullet fragments fly out in a circle moving one direction, and the shock wave in the glass is moving in the other direction.

  19. ScornfulSix says:

    Imagine like indestructible armor made from this tech

  20. Iron Crab says:

    I wish the head librarian had his own youtube channel. I'd listen to him all day. Anyway, unsubbed, and resubbed, lol

  21. What’s the official definition of the place where the tail ends and the bulb begins?

  22. I wish i was as smart as Keith

  23. what if it had no tail? i think it would be much stronger?

  24. jayson kanga says:

    amazing, glass is stronger than a bullet.

  25. M R says:

    Watch this video at 1.75x speed, ur welcome

  26. Video: Bullet vs Prince Rupert's Drop

    What I saw: Classified papers MONSTER LONGEVITY"

    WTF did those Brits from 1640-1740 know that we didn't??

  27. OK, now stick the tail on an energy absorbing material.. double down on the science weirdness and stick it in oobleck. If it explodes, it triggers an explosion of devil's toothpaste.

  28. Alex Edwards says:

    Great video! Amazing how little the drops move after being shot. Also, would the drop survive better if it wasn't suspended by its weak tail? Perhaps glue the drop's head to a string then shoot it?

  29. OBWAT says:

    Goggle up. Science is about to happen.

  30. What if the molten glass were dropped into liquid nitrogen instead of water?