AFK Bridge Builder in Minecraft! (Flying Machine) [No Mods]

January 15, 2017 by 37 Comments

[NEW] AFK cobble generator Flying Machine!
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Works in 1.10-1.15.1+ java . I show a machine I made which allows the player to be able to AFK and build bridges across water! It’s very compact only being 12blocks in total. It uses a few cool trick I came up with to make it work efficiently. Will being doing more with this in the future. Enjoy!

Block36 loss of properties in use:

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37 Replies to “AFK Bridge Builder in Minecraft! (Flying Machine) [No Mods]”

  1. Im shure that you can encrise the range

  2. Rin水韵 says:

    can it be use in ender?

  3. If I want to hold down a mouse button, I just hold it down and unplug the mouse, then I can let go and plug it back in, then the game just never gets the mouse up event triggered.

  4. Alex leo says:

    It would work on Crafting & Buildings (Minecraft)

  5. Galaxy says:

    This machine + the rail builder loool

  6. Yung Venuz says:

    The lazy man finds the easiest way to complete a job

  7. Crypko says:

    Ok, i can rebuild my bridge after griefed lol

  8. You could totally make this again using new water/lava mechanics which let you move the source block with a fence post/cobblestone wall

  9. Hal Lutz says:

    Can you make one for the end void?

  10. air boit says:

    does it work in 1.14

  11. TR_Pianoo says:

    Holy shit this is useful

  12. Does this work on the ps3 edition?

  13. Leven Rex says:

    That's really nice lispy

  14. Does this work on 1.14?

  15. Anglified says:

    Can u make an update video so its phantom proof?

  16. PSI Seven says:

    I don't understand how these machines work so well for you but not me. Whenever I tried using it, I kept falling out of the machine and into the lava. Does one of the pistons have to be a sticky piston?

  17. At sea: helpful bridge builder
    On land: NAPALM BOMBER

  18. Niklas Maier says:

    Does this still work in 1.15.1?

  19. Mazocat says:

    For some reason it doesnt work anymore in 1.15.2, does anyone know of a one that does?

  20. Richard Yok says:

    Does this work in 1.15.2? Asking for a friend…

  21. Could I use honey blocks? Less of a chance for me to fall out.

  22. Sleepy Dog says:

    genius, man. thank you very much for the machine/tutorial 🙂

  23. Jalal Seyd says:

    not work on 1.15.2

  24. Hey! I have all the blocks placed, but somehow the lava won't trigger the piston update, idk if it has to go under the stairs but it's not going in… And I don't know what's wrong, becouse the blocks are placed the same way

  25. Brendan Alex says:

    Does this work on bedrock?

  26. does not work in 1.15.1

  27. Webo5019 says:

    works on 1.16.1 ????

  28. Mazocat says:

    does anyone know a version that works in 1.16?

  29. ShepDance says:

    If u put water or lava on a fence post it can move with the post and therefore build a bridge so this is not very good

  30. Jchicken 40 says:

    Can i use tthis in japan?

    Love from japan