Can a Dual Core Still Game?? 7350K Review

January 14, 2017 by 32 Comments

Does a dual core gaming CPU make sense?? We sure didn’t think so but…

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32 Replies to “Can a Dual Core Still Game?? 7350K Review”

  1. Jonah Key says:

    Still way better than my celeron n2830

  2. Shibized says:


  3. KrenZZie says:


  4. Shibized says:

    Yes I play Osu On a Dual Core And it can run at 120fps but that's with frame drop prevention off if it's on it's 40fps which is 10fps over what I need

  5. I have some AMD dual core thing.

  6. Death says:

    They only made it 3 generations too late.

  7. my friend builded a pc and i3-8100 really???

  8. Michael says:

    Why are you testing at 4k for cpu benchmarks? 1080p is most common but at least do 1440p if you wanna up the res because the higher up in resolution the less the cpu difference

  9. Armazel says:

    i have i3 540 2 core 4 theards 3.07 ghz

  10. HEY I HAVE DUAL CORE 2018 2.6 PLAYED WITCHER 3 WITH GT 7204GB GPU. Now fully done coz gpu is gone.

  11. Why in my recommended 2 years later

  12. I am thinking about upgrading my i5 7500 to a i7 7700k. I wanted to go for the 8700k, but my mb doesn't support it and don't want to get another mb. Is the 7700k still good? From what I have seen it's still a great chip, and better then this crappy 7500 I have lol

  13. triplex 540 says:

    This hurts me. I'm gaming on a dual-core but still get 60-70 fps on modern games :p

  14. chichimode says:

    you need to learn something, for cpu processors benchmark is in 720p

  15. Kane Riseley says:

    imagine testing for a cpu bottleneck in 4k

  16. man i just reminisce the time
    now that zen 2 is here…. everything here is useless

  17. Meanwhile I'm still rocking a 5350U

  18. Nick Graham says:

    Dang, $180 for 2/4 cores/threads? You can get a Ryzen 7 2700x which is 8/16 for cheaper than that now. Quadruple the threads.

  19. Ranbo says:

    Just getting slowly into pc stuff and I want to upgrade my dual core wish me luck

  20. L3RIsLIVE says:

    10th gen C/T

    Celeron 2/2
    Pentium 2/4
    Core i3 4/8
    Core i5 6/12
    Core i7 8/16
    Core i9 10+/20+

    Intel must do a comeback

  21. Arnuv Raina says:

    I am watching this in 2020, and at this time I have a i3-2120 on which I game pretty decently at 1080pšŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚

  22. Hi, Thanks for the video. Can you please help me with the BEST spec for video editing and 3D animation workstation with Ā£1500 budget, please. I really need your help. Many thanks in advance.

  23. Z Hi 2 says:

    You commenters missed the point. They are trying to show that you can probably still get reasonable fps, even at 4k. Just because turning the settings up to 4k doesn't mean automatically that the cpu isn't important.

  24. Watching this in 2020 is so funny, we're now wondering how much longer 4C/8T processors will hold up

  25. J. Doe says:

    Thumbnail is legend.

  26. Gage Elwood says:

    "lets all hope RYZEN is a good launch"

  27. Still I using dual core

  28. Noob YTP says:

    And all is crushed by Ryzen 3

  29. CandyDeluge says:

    I just now got a 4 core processor

  30. Okay what the fAkkKKKAKAKAK?
    Looking from 2020, seriously? This was Intel's response to the looming Ryzen threat?
    No wonder they failed