Mini Auto Crafter (Observer, Piston, Repeater, Comp, Hook) | Minecraft

January 4, 2017 by 34 Comments

I made an automatic crafter that is able to craft up observer blocks, pistons, repeaters, comparators, tripwire hooks. Uses 2 inputs start it up. It has an sorting system to refill the storage. Enjoy!

World Download:

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34 Replies to “Mini Auto Crafter (Observer, Piston, Repeater, Comp, Hook) | Minecraft”

  1. ogLight says:

    awsome video dude, i subed

  2. maum_1800 says:

    Very nice and useful! And even compact, nice work!!

    Maybe I wil make a tweak for using more droppers and make it faster even if it gets bigger what I don't mind, nice contraption anyways!

  3. Tommy says:

    I am very surprised that cake can be used instead of ender chests for the item alignment.
    Also, would it be slower if items were dropped onto the player by being stored in stacks above the player? Like how EthosLab automated zombie flesh dropping for trading with the villager in his LP episode 465.

  4. Those name tags used as a filler 😀
    But really nice contraption. Good job.
    Can I ask why are those sorter redstone lines three blocks long? I don't have much experience with sorters, but just looking at it I would cut it by one block on each side.

  5. Cal N says:

    So glad I have a system to craft tripwire hooks now XD

  6. Love the design and idea.
    Although I wouldn't use it, by the time you make this, and fill it, you could have already taken out the materials from the chest and crafted.
    Although it's a fun build, not very practical, none the less, love it.

  7. yeah no, i ll stay with my macros. xD i think this kind of system is really annoying to use. i prefer systems which stop dispensing when there is too many items at the player already.

  8. dude you are so awsome i didnt know that much bout Redstone and farming but you tought me and many others how keep up the good work

  9. Bruno Mendes says:

    could you make the suspenderá shoot Faster?

  10. Useful design but if I am going to be bulk crafting I would prefer to have the items arrive a stack at a time and in a logical order. No matter the cost. Thanks for a way to achieve ghost mode. And I am still thinking about the secrets hidden in plain sight.

  11. Vioco says:

    is it just me or does anyone else thinks this isnt a 'MINI' crafter

  12. It doesn't craft it automatically, it just gives you the ingredients!

  13. Nice design Ray! I made a design like this a while back but it wasn't as good or compact.

  14. this seems more like a game where you have to craft as much as possible as fast as possible

  15. Sathvik Vaka says:

    I thought this was an actual auto crafter like a tech mod

  16. Jkjkjkkjk says:

    Will there be a tutorial soon? (^▽^)

  17. CheckDFX says:

    This is a nice idea for mass production, but I would probably consider this as Semi-Automated. I'd only consider full automation in systems that do not require much player interaction and perform more decisions on their own.
    Nice idea though. It is definitely a good idea for mass production in crafting items.

  18. Pls try to build a quarry

  19. Mike says:

    very usefull with the new autocrafting guide thingy. You can just spam on the item button to craft it automatically while the items are coming to you

  20. Sooooo….I thought it would craft items for you…….

  21. Calls that mini took me 2 hours to built

  22. Max Cai says:

    Man I thought you didn't need a player input… That is just the same old device

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