Simple Dragon Egg Generator! (45,000 items/hour) | 1.9-1.16.3+ Minecraft (tutorial in description)

January 29, 2017 by 32 Comments

Edit: new way to break portals
Edit: Tutorial of Dragon Egg Duper by PuffingFish:
I made a dragon egg generator design that is similar to my sand generator design but does dragon egg and anvils. You can start out with your only dragon egg and then use this to get more! It produces upto 45,000 items/hour using the large design. Enjoy!

World Download: World Download:
Simple Sand Gen:

Past Sand Gen:
How to load the Entrance End Portal:
How to load the End:
How to load the Nether:
How to break bedrock:
Cool man:
Past Sand Gen:
How to load the Entrance End Portal:
How to load the End:
How to load the Nether:
How to break bedrock:
Cool man:

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32 Replies to “Simple Dragon Egg Generator! (45,000 items/hour) | 1.9-1.16.3+ Minecraft (tutorial in description)”

  1. PowerCool says:

    Work on 1.13.2 spigot?

  2. Hello, Ray. How do u dupe eggs and sand on servers?

  3. Meme Machine says:

    I love how ray changes the title and tests old farms and stuff! Keep up the good work ray!

  4. Does this work on 1.14.3?

  5. Aosana says:

    Does this work in 1.14.4?

  6. Now i just need to find who has the dragon egg on my server

  7. Alex Ly says:

    does this work as of 1.14.4?

  8. Zbar says:

    You can actually make a dupe for anvils using honey blocks to slow it down

  9. Naotei says:

    Work With only one egg ?

  10. Ben Dover says:

    Does this farm still work in 1.14.4?

  11. Impossible in survival you can’t break these blocks

  12. Hjonkmire says:

    how do I know if it worked??

  13. Neizo says:

    hey, thanks for the video ! i was wondering, how do you use the dual egg layout design ? it seems to be missing some redstone..
    also, how do you load the end while afking there? cuz right now, it farms a lot of eggs but they don't load the end. When i go there myself, its just a huuuuuuuuuuuge lag fiesta

  14. Pavier Jelaz says:

    Not working for me in 1.15 🙁

  15. it works and all but the eggs arent in the end

  16. The Legend27 says:

    how am i supposed to remove the end portal frames ?

  17. Spacod says:

    Does this work in Minecraft Bedrock Edition/Pocket Editon?

  18. TVgamerNL says:

    Why he call thisa generator i see no eggs generating

  19. Jan Kocourek says:

    Since bedrock breaking using dragon eggs on Vanilla (not Carpet) has been patched, what are the uses for dragon eggs in 1.15.2+? Or does bedrock breaking still work?

  20. Jad says:

    Does this work with anvils

  21. And why do u need all the dragon eggs

  22. infra 84 says:

    Is there any design to 1.8?

  23. Chixl67 says:


  24. I'm running paper 1.16.1 with duplication and unbreakable block breaking enabled in paper.yml. but my anvils and eggs disappear in the first cycle already when going against the portal.

  25. Harry Rambo says:

    How you meant to start the double one dude? Didn't show it at all

  26. Kabobete says:

    I copied it exactly on my survival Minecraft world (1.16.1) and whenever I do it the egg just breaks! I only have 1 in the middle could that be a problem?

  27. i have a non gravity duper but a forget that ender eggs havent gravity to

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