Simple Sand and Concrete Generator! (48,000 sand/hour) 1.9-1.16.3+ Minecraft

January 25, 2017 by 42 Comments

Edit: new way to break portals
Edit: Tutorial for the machine:
Edit: Check other bedrock/ indestructible blocks playlist.
I show a simple sand generator that duplicates sand (red & normal) and gravel with rates upto 48,000 sand/hour. I also demonstrate how to setup the sand gen for the EEP / XEP and explain how to use it on SMP as well as SSP. Then I give a look into how I designed this contraption. Enjoy!

World Download:

Simple Dragon egg & Anvil Gen:

Past Sand Gen:
None duper concrete maker:
How to load the Entrance End Portal:
How to load the End:
How to load the Nether:
How to break bedrock:
Cool man:

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ProtoTech Application:

Recorded with OBS and edited with WMM.


Rays Works


42 Replies to “Simple Sand and Concrete Generator! (48,000 sand/hour) 1.9-1.16.3+ Minecraft”

  1. Persillica says:

    Is it broken on 1.14.6? The sand falls too fast for me.

  2. Anyone done something like this that works with a Nether portal instead?

  3. Shayna Clark says:

    This seems to be broken in 1.15.2 Paper build 372. Anyone else?

  4. Svegon says:

    On a 1.16 server I had to put solid blocks under the portal for this work. Try that if anyone else has problems with the generator.

  5. Este man constesta comentarios de videos de hace 3 años, grande ray works! <3

  6. For anyone wondering, this in fact DOES work in 1.16.1!

  7. Heyho Ray,
    i have this sand duper in my 1.14.4 Server, just updated it to 1.16.1. It's not working anymore, the sand might fly a littlebit too high, it just gets send through the portal.I got Paper for 1.16.1 running on it.

  8. kOF.Readie says:

    I need some help with this, not sure if you know why but id built this on my 1.15 server, worked fine, I recently updated it to 1.16 and the sand keeps going through the nether portal now, any ideas how to fix this?

  9. Radian May says:

    Sometimes the original copies of the sand and concrete get put into the portal. I'm on Spigot 1.15.2, does anyone know why?

  10. RepTours says:

    I'm having trouble chunk loading this. Chunk loader placed in same chunk as portal frame. Version 1.16.1 spigotmc. Works fine when a player is at the portal and in the end. Any tips?

  11. back in time i did a sand generator accidentally, damn

  12. Disco says:

    does it still work?

  13. I'm surprised that the mushroom method still works in 1.16.1 (just tested it myself as well).

  14. Can confirm. This even work on 1.16

  15. Ender Gaming says:

    This dont work on papermc ;-;

  16. Dylan says:

    Not working for me on my server :/. As soon as I go to the end the machine breaks in the overworld. I even tried using a chunkloading plugin to force it to be loaded and it still breaks.

  17. Mitmout says:

    Can this be in conjunction to a Obsidian Farm that uses the first end Portal i found?
    If in find another portal, can i use it to create this Sand farm as well? or will they overlap and beep everything up?

  18. So how do you break the entrance end portal frame now in 1.16?

  19. smygpunkaren says:

    I wanted to make one of theese in the end sending all the concrete to the overworld. Looks like Mojang fixed the breaking of the bedrock portal out of the end.

  20. it got patched in 1.16.2 don't say it works sir

  21. Axuarify says:

    This seems to break after a few seconds to minutes when playing on a server. Does this have to do with TPS?

  22. I tried many times to remove the bedrock borders of the end portal using the end crystal trick. It doesn't seem to work in 1.16.2 (singleplayer).

  23. _Kavidas_ says:

    cant remove the end frames using the mushroom trick….

  24. Anuj Jani says:

    Can you still remove portal frames using mushrooms in 1.16?

  25. It continious working in 1.16.3, this is amazing!

  26. built this in 1.16.3 and the sand blocks just shoot right into the end portal and dont dupe 🙁 anyone have any ideas why

  27. Mr Double says:

    Why it doesn't work when Im in the end???? it works in overworld…

  28. Luffy o.o says:

    This guy is a fucking legend.

  29. E0N says:

    oh yay a chunk loader thx @Rays Works

  30. To everyone having trouble with breaking the frames on a paper server, go to your Paper.yml file and go down to "allow-perm-block-break-exploits" and set it to true. I hope this helps some people!

  31. DogBoss426 says:

    i left this running for like half an hour because i forgot about it (i used chunk loaders) and i had to reset the end because it crashed my game every time i went there. just remember to keep it in check

  32. Calling911 says:

    Was looking for a non dupe method, well damn

  33. is there an actuall tutorial?

  34. Josh C says:

    Great build, I just wanted to say doesnt work on paper for anyone who wants to try, even with piston duplication on it doesnt work on paper Just a heads up,

  35. P Chan says:

    How did he think of this 3 years ago????

  36. SweKingdom says:

    How does one break the end portal frames in 1.16.3? I cant seem to be able to break them with mushrooms. Is there a difference between doing this on a single player compared to a multiplayer? As in i tried multiple times on a singleplayer but was not able to break the frame blocks.
    Pls help

  37. zef says:

    Just remember to always turn this farm off when you’re not using it as I crashed my end dimension and had to delete the end world file since there was so much sand

  38. i thought its a tutorial didnt even show how the redstone work, i do the redstone perfectly and it didnt work

  39. Quinn Myers says:

    He didn't show how to build it

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