AFK Obsidian Farm!- with Ender Crystal Wither cage [∞ auto] (CHECK description)

February 4, 2017 by 20 Comments

Edit: NEW 1.16+ Obsidian farm:
Edit: New versions-
I fixed the AFK obsidian farm to work in 1.11. The boats are setting on top of the wither and not the ender crystals. I also move them back a bit so the skulls explosions don’t affect them. It produces 1,800 obby/hr with 1 player using it. Works in SMP and SSP. Check out previous version of this farm for more details. Enjoy!

World Download:
previous Obsidian Farm design:
how to get Indestructible Ender Crystals:

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ProtoTech Application:

Recorded with OBS and edited with WMM.


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20 Replies to “AFK Obsidian Farm!- with Ender Crystal Wither cage [∞ auto] (CHECK description)”

  1. ytae says:

    My 2 invulnerable ender crystals combined into 1 space when i accidentally push them together… How can I fix this?

  2. OMG. Great construction! And working under 1.11.2
    And great channel.
    Can you tell us how did you come up with it and with other your great constructions? It is impossible to do something so complicated! Do you look in sources of minecraft or what? 🙂 If not it is million combinations in the arrangement of these blocks!
    Have you thought about using obsidian pillars? Maybe will be more profit?

  3. Wj11jam says:

    Wait, can you push end crystals with pistons?

  4. instead of having more then 1 payer run can't you just have a machine dispense items into the portal to generate the platform quicker? saves the time running just fill a chest full of items. though you'll need to have both areas loaded for it to work. (you can have the hoppers pick up the items that get thrown into the portal it you position them right)

  5. Zac Lindsay says:

    Occasionally I enter the End facing the wrong direction and walk off into the void rather than straight toward the exit portal. Ever have that problem or know a fix?

  6. CavernaBR says:

    Good idea, another tip.
    put the mod JEI to identify the blocks and put the relation of mods that are using and teaches how to make each item, because there are many people who are not aware of the mods.
    I myself did not find any mods to make bedrock slab. to place end crystall.

  7. SAMS300FOXES says:

    I've set up the farm in a spigot 1.11.2 server, and every time I go through the exit end portal, it puts me on the obsidian platform facing left relative to the intended path (south). I've tried a few different bed locations and orientations around the portal, but it keeps spawning me facing left. How do I ensure that the player faces toward the exit end portal (west in my server).

  8. Pizzabeirut says:

    Yo, you can increase the afk efficiency by using a cobblestone generator on the overworld and break this. After breaking just dispense the block to the end and voila, obsidian gets generated. Used by the hermitcraft server or sci-craft, dunno correctly. TNT Duper or another wither for breaking the cobblestone, but after all, you're entirely afkable with no walk or sleep required.

  9. NXE says:

    Does this work on over world
    I want it for my skyblock

  10. Hi, Ray, I opened the world download on 1.13.2 SSP, did exactly what vid told me to, put the wither skeleton skull and water, stayed close, changed to survival mode, respawned, slept and got in the portal as soon as woke up, but the side head which should hits the main body seems couldn't reach the main body any more, the wither didn't get any damage and couldn't break any obsidian as well. Could you please check it out?

  11. Hey Ray!
    Is this still a working design in 1.13.2?

  12. Flakey says:

    Hey Ray does it work in 1.14

  13. Do you know if this works on spigot servers?

  14. BK- ash says:

    Can this work in 1.14?

  15. Kate Iry says:

    This design doesn't work in version 1.14. Wither can destroy the boat, doesn't deal harm on itself, and it doesn't destroy the obsidian.

  16. Os7 True says:

    Idk why im here, I literally have no use for obsidian, I have like 40 stacks of obsidian, yes I mined a end pillar

  17. Legacyy! says:

    Hello Rays! Can i make a tutorial video of this farm, for the spanish community?

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