February 4, 2017 by 21 Comments

The RGBvolution is here! RGB all the things! Now, thanks to G.SKill, your computer memory can be any colour you want! RAM has never been this colourful!

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21 Replies to “RGB RAM – WE GOT IT FIRST!!”

  1. Ja Hursty says:

    Hey, I'm from the future and now RGB ram is normal and a must for most people

  2. Nick Name says:

    This was the beginning of the end.

  3. Januszekk says:

    i cant belive…

  4. RetroFN says:

    full rgb gaming pants..

  5. lydon corbin says:

    like a computer nerd Weird Al! lol

  6. Harrison says:

    the time before rgb ram

  7. yeetice says:

    today I ordered some and its a standard now

  8. Matya Sw says:

    this is just fucking hilarious to look back at now

  9. Some nerd says:

    Me in 2069 buying an rgb cpu

  10. TJ says:

    Ok so in 2020 we have rgb cases, rgb fans, rgb power supplies, rgb ram, rgb cables, rgb motherboards, rgb aios, rgb water effects, rgb graphics cards. Basically everything except for thermal paste. We are truely tasting the rainbow my friends. I can’t think of a part off of the top of my head without rgb lol

  11. Peanut Pants says:

    rgb ram, yep. weve got one.

  12. peepsplace says:

    Hi, I'm from the future. It's been 3 years and rgb ram is normal.

  13. RGB RAM is only 3 years old? Wtf?

  14. John Milton says:

    Just proves there are always suckers to buy useless crap.

  15. John Milton says:

    Just proves there are always suckers to buy useless crap.

  16. back when rgb was not normal

  17. Fish Zom says:

    Noob Question: I'm looking at G.SKILL TridentZ RGB Series 32GB (2 x 16GB) DDR4 3600, but I have 4 ports for DDR4.
    Can I wait and install another (2x16GB) in the 2 empty slots, or do I need to buy their (4x16GB)?
    Also, Is there any reason to worry if my machine is Intel or AMD for DDR4, in 2020?

  18. RoastedDuck says:

    1:10 who needs cable mod when we have RGB Cables!!!

  19. wow this feels to be so old, where things which is now normal was brand new and cool

  20. Sentajno says:

    this aged well.