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AMD Ryzen 7 overclocking discussion and guidelines. Get the most performance out of your CPU!

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  1. why did jay hit 3200mhz on the ram then?

  2. TLE TDT says:

    How much ram do you need for Ryzen 7 1700x????

  3. Sir Derailer says:

    Fucking Infinity Fabric, Ryzen would be better.

  4. J-INFINITI says:

    1700 for 200$ CDN or 2700x for 430$ I will be streaming

  5. Sir XtC says:

    Why do ppl do retarded faces for the thumbnail?

  6. Jester PCMR says:

    Finally got my 1800X to 4ghz today thanks to LTT… good look bud!

  7. Dan Morse says:

    I k is it's an old video but I'm newly getting back I to pc and built a budget 2200g rig. Would this oc work the same on that chip?

  8. Buttmeister says:

    This seems like a waste of money since I just overclocked my AMD FX 8350 and get 85 fps in GTAV its the same as what you guys got with an overclocked ryzen! and its only a 65 dollar cpu.

  9. MZM says:

    3Gen are coming …

  10. D Torg says:

    What if I have weak liquid cooling?

  11. Micro Center just had a sale on 1700x too and got mine for $160 + tax lol. I also found 1.375 vcore to be the sweet spot and my H60i AIO is performing on par with the larger 110 too. hit a high of around 75 degrees under full 16 thread synthetic load in prime. So far very happy with the results for a 2 year old processor.

  12. Eric Kane says:

    Can you do the same with a 2700x???

  13. Jokudami says:

    7:26 Holy Ship whatsgoing in with your hand?

  14. athebeast 17 says:

    How do I turn on xfr?

  15. Burak O. says:

    your voice is aweful!

  16. So much easier with ryzen masre

  17. Melvin strom says:

    Can i have 2x8gb ram 2400Mhz on ryzen 5 1600X

  18. vortex says:

    Can you make a new video overclocking with 3900x?

  19. J Bradwell says:

    Should do a price per dollar comparison now with the 1700X being less than half it was then

  20. Stanley Chen says:

    too long – tl;dr – buy 1800x

  21. why do I feel I didn't get anything useful out of this video? he was all over the place!

  22. Jose Antonio says:

    Clock ratio in my mobo is locked

  23. milen ilchov says:

    wow this video is so old now , the r7 1700 is like 3 times cheaper than a 7700 K and is not that much slower to be honest.Its a good option if the r5 3600 is overprised as hell like it is where i live (it is 2 times more than the r7 1700)

  24. "Turning this voltage up can improve memory overclocking and for us did seem to help with stability."
    Shoots up VDDSOC to > 1.4 without mentioning what they ended up using and what are safe limits Very helpful!

  25. Mu 1700x wont go 3.9 stable at 1.4v… Mobo msi b350m gaming pro

  26. Such a great video Linus…quality content always!✨✨✨

  27. Dela Films says:

    I love watching your channel it entertaining and informative, I hope you can provide your opinion on something.

    I bought a PC with a Ryzen 7 3700 with an ASRock B450M HDV mobo. Would you recommend I use a GTX 1650 4gb or a Radeon RX 570 8gb with it? The PSU is 550W. 
    I will be using the PC for Blender rendering, would be interested to hear your thoughts. Thanks.

  28. Hugoslav says:

    And then i have 3333mhz ram running on full frequency on ryzen 5 1600x (og) overclocked to 4ghz.

  29. Chouci Vang says:

    Can this entire plan still be applied for the 2nd and 3rd gen Ryzen? And be stable?

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