3 KG COPPER BULLION BAR made from Scrap Cable MELTING COPPER 1080p

These copper bars are SOOOO bloody cool I thought I would make another 1. This one is %10 bigger than the last bar and hopefully the next one will be %40 bigger at over 10 Pounds;)


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  1. superman says:

    can i use my stove to cook cooper

  2. nightmares - says:

    Can i dip my finger in it?

  3. Gary Johnson says:

    Ok I have a request… could you not put music in the next video many people think it’s annoying…. but over all great video man definitely earned a sub

  4. I wish I knew how to do this when I was younger and my grandfather was alive. He would have really enjoyed this he scrapped the first 25 years of my life there's no telling how much Copper Brass aluminum and other metals we took to the scrap yard would have been much easier had we melted it down to bars

  5. Josh Spilman says:

    While I’m waiting for my copper to melt I love watching your videos. You have so much patience.

  6. now spray paint them all gold and it be worth ur time lol

  7. russell ross says:

    Things of beauty those ingots. Great vid don’t stop.

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  9. Is it just me or is Copper the most beautiful metal in the WORLD?

  10. I love it man! 😍 Can I ask for a request? Maybe a copper ball/sphere!

  11. BYRD says:

    Awesome, good size bar.

  12. sam garviso says:

    Nice looking bars do they question you when taking in for recyling

  13. Steven says:

    I keep finding vids of yours I haven't seen…you are certainly productive. Worthy of the 126k subs. Aussie rules baby.

  14. dddddd5322 says:

    Can I buy one of those copper blocks?

  15. Colin Ashby says:

    Great vid. Love that polished look.


  17. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  18. Big for president!!

  19. I want to know how do you get your bars to look so shiny? What is it you use to clean them ?

  20. Johan Smith says:

    I know engines and rims all made from aluminum… Can you get that and melt? You can get some bullions from it!

  21. Next up melting down house

  22. Love the beer keg furnace! If youd like a smoother top face on your finished ingots, run a small "weed burner" torch over the top as it freezes in the mold, so the face is the last part to actually freeze, thus acting as a full sized feeder. Placing your preheated mold on a chill block or plate to make it freeze "bottom up", as well as polishing the mold interior will work in conjunction with the top heating to minimize post mold finishing time

  23. Evan Chen says:

    People: gold is good
    Me: Copper is s h i n e

  24. That's a beautiful loaf of copper: I love those iron moulds. You custom make them yourself?

  25. Hulk Gaming says:

    Matey, Love you Very Much, May God bless you with more❣️

  26. CAESAR ABBAS says:

    here to win giveaway

  27. Kate N says:

    Okay, I wanted to go back a bit and see what you were doing. It didn't seem like Devils Forge was in the fold here. Why doesn't it surprise me that you were using the top of a keg for a lid. LoL. (Jason's idea?) Your videos are MUCH better now. You've gotten quite good 3 years later. This was a nice size bar though. And THIS is about how long I thought it would take to harden in a mold. Yesterday you were flipping those coins and bars like pancakes. I am truly amazed by myself that watching things turn into molten metal would be so mesmerizing. I think if I lived in Pittsburgh Pa. Instead of NJ; I'd have grown up watching the steel mills melt their their vats into like I-Beams or something.
    Good job Quad D!

  28. I love your videos.

  29. CP trikester says:

    Very nice ingot.
    Interesting to see the older videos and the furnaces that you've used.

  30. Cody Garcia says:

    Will commenting on all 250+ vids get me a solid chance in the giveaway? I love your videos 😁😎. Ingot is my favorite pupper on the tubes!

  31. Felix Mendez says:

    this was the first video that started my copper hoarding this channels amazing!thank you

  32. In new videos insert some clips like this at 01:54 ! I love them!!

  33. Dan Theman says:

    Very nice as well. Yeah my furnace has small pieces falling off too, but still works. Still love that monster truck flip. #BigstackD

  34. HavockWalks says:

    Mmmmmm copper!! 😎👌🍻

  35. Sir good day.. How much the market price per kilo of copper bars today in global market.

  36. Kyu Lee says:

    He played the music for this video 🤨

  37. kody yonk says:

    I can't wait to melt copper!🤘I love the close up on the pour- the liquid copper ALMOST seems transparent!! Looking forward to your video tomorrow 😀👊