AK-47 vs Prince Rupert’s Drop (at 223,000 FPS) – Smarter Every Day 170

April 30, 2017 by 42 Comments

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42 Replies to “AK-47 vs Prince Rupert’s Drop (at 223,000 FPS) – Smarter Every Day 170”

  1. And now…….. Reading Ready Player One again.

  2. Lithium says:

    I love this guy. Why am I not subscribed? Well I fixed that

  3. Check out adhesive tape (masking tape, duct tape, etc) in the dark. When tape is removed from what it's stuck to in the dark, it displays light along the juncture where it is breaking free. Triboluminescence?
    Years ago, when doing darkroom work, I noticed the glow while removing tape holding 120 photographic film from its paper backing. After developing, exposed areas on the film where tape had been could also be seen. I presumed the glow was a result of weak molecular bonds between the tape's adhesive and the mated surface. I used to suggest that it was static electricity that made tape sticky and nobody would believe me.
    Similarly, when tape or other materials are torn in the dark, light can be observed where the break is occurring. More triboluminescence?

  4. TeD van Loon says:

    I got it as a child while hitting ice with a hammer

  5. DRRMD Logos says:

    I strongly suggest you check how much glass dust you have inhaled over the course of your life.

  6. jerry fields says:

    why in the name of God does everyone need 10 guns in the land of the free??

  7. Meanwhile in the background there are 2 dead chickens and a wounded cow 🤣.

  8. So… near as I can tell, after the impact the tension in the glass was normalizing (aka shattering) in a linear fashion at a rate faster than the bullet was going…

  9. That looks like the Piezo electric effect in the candy

  10. ReaperRider says:

    me seeing the sparks


  11. who is gonna clean up the environment?

  12. Sad Ken says:

    Do you even care where the rounds go?

  13. "Mom there's boutta be a behg boom!"

  14. David Grc says:

    Not sure that "smarter every day" is the most appropriate name for that channel.

  15. 1johnnygunn says:

    223,000 fps? The full metal jacket projectile would've melted. Lol
    Most likely only 2,300 fps

  16. TubeSurfer says:

    Don't add fake sound. There is enough mis information out there.

  17. AK-47 vs Prince Andrew would have made a good video too (real Brit talk)

  18. ANGRYxPIRATE says:

    I don't know how you didn't get cut with that last explosion. Glass chips everywhere!

  19. L1n34r says:

    Not going to lie, I am a bit concerned about the setup here. It looks like there's a dog in the background at 8:24. I feel like this is not a safe place to shoot, especially when doing unusual things like this… there doesn't appear to be any kind of terrain in the background to stop bullets either (hard to tell). It also doesn't look like you're standing up high on something to make sure you're always shooting downwards. No offense, but this setup looks a bit irresponsible.

  20. Awesome soundeffects in those slow-mo clips! Love it!

  21. Luke White says:

    try not to inhale any of that

  22. one iota says:

    I want Rupert drop Armor … and goggles.

    So, are they glass or sugar?

  23. Strider says:

    is there a point to all this? I'm not being sarcastic here I really want to know what point you're trying to make.

  24. I thought this was shmee

  25. Tasha Sams says:

    Love the video, but that last shot with the Tannerite was pretty pathetic. Your phantom couldn’t do any better than that? Gavin would be ashamed.

  26. What is a prince ruperts drop? Glass, candy?

  27. Virgil Mize says:

    Could the sugar be acting like a piezo electric crystal to generate the light?

  28. Found the candy thing way more interesting than the Prince Rupert's drop stuff.

  29. The Tanker says:

    Smarter: Francis Bacon is the father of scientific metod
    Galileo Galilei: Am I a joke for you?

  30. Redhotlugnut says:

    Dude, the Mini 14 was the gun of choice for guys on the A-Team TV series.

  31. What'd you do to that poor mosin nagant?

  32. fixento says:

    Other than the fact the AK 47 is a POS for accuracy, the bullet travels a 2330 fps. I assume you are referring to the speed the glass shattered. That is not uncommon for glass, so other than bravado what was you hypothesis?

  33. Fusion Cold says:

    What if you make armor out of it

  34. it hurts every time he says AK round it a 762 by 39 only gun people will understand this

  35. Most american thing i ver seen

  36. Ron Disanto says:

    How hard is a Prince Rupert drop compared to a diamond?

  37. G sonu says:

    at 5:21 when the bullet hit ..why the crack came from the end too???

  38. Sound doesn’t automatically get reverb when you slow it down. I wish we could hear the real sound rather than the fake sound design?

  39. GS Allen says:

    F-ing awesome!