Does RAM speed REALLY matter?

April 20, 2017 by 29 Comments

Now that we have RAM modules capable of up to 4266MHz, we need to find out… does high speed RAM ACTUALLY make a difference?

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29 Replies to “Does RAM speed REALLY matter?”

  1. The Gorn says:

    No one will ever need more than 640MHz of RAM – Bill Gates, 1937

  2. Maarten Keus says:

    I got ddr3 1333 is that bad
    I got an i7-2600 and a 1060 6gb so am i bottlenecking anything?

  3. Peter Stock says:

    I don't really care about RAM speeds and their importance in the grand scheme of things, I have more important concerns like the behavior of certain people who I would brand as the worst of the worst. The worst in society. i.e. psychopaths and narcissists. If the question was do certain people matter? The answer would be a certain no. Do those people realize this is true? Absolutely not because they are too far inside a narcissistic haze. I empathize with their partners because it must affect them negatively, it would be impossible for it not to. Also, if they have children who carry their genes promoting distorted behavior I not only have a sense of compassion for their plight, I'm concerned about the negative effects and drag on the quality of society going forward. It might seem contradictory to condemn the parents themselves because they have the genes too, but it is still a choice. i.e. they can control their negative behavior it's just harder for them not to do negative things than ordinary people.
    I don't identify as psychopaths or narcissists those whose negative behavior is caused by poor reasoning and / or an inability to realize they require all the facts and and thus fail to seek them before instigating negative behavior based on this. I only judge people on character, not cognition whether high, medium or deficient. I take everything into account before I rationalize something and that includes cognition of an individual.

  4. Pawan Bhasin says:

    very informative . plz suggest is it wise step to pair 3200 mhz ram with ryzen 3 3100 cpu on Gigabyte A520 motherboard >. thanks in advance

  5. Agon Deçani says:

    Linus team, you need to do this again…

  6. Just download more ram, you can get high speed ram as well.

  7. Bam Bam says:

    < The creator of this keyboard watching you destroying his hand made work

  8. Boona says:

    ik this is a old vid but YES IT DOES MATTER, i got 30-50 more fps in games when i upgraded from 2133mh to 3200mh

  9. cmasscmass says:

    You have been doing a very good job getting the word out on computers. I watch all your videos from when you started posting. If you came to America I world want to visit you in person to tell you of my Good luck and thank you for your help. In helping me build my future.

  10. I looked this video up cause I wanted to know if my DDR3 16GB 800Mhz RAM was good…

  11. youtube tuf says:

    yeah because i did a test with a 2666mhz moved to corsair dominator 4000mhz i gained 30 frames on almost every game to me it does improve…. i no this is a old video but he needs a updated video and full test it so we can see if the specs are wrong or if it does improve.

  12. Who needs performance when you got RGB

  13. Linus 2017 "closelyer"

  14. i use xmp for use 3200mhz but is that give me performance or something?

  15. The new Ryzen have a lot of difference when you put more mhz PLUS better cas lattency… So…. Its better 3200mhz cas14 than 3600 cas 18 there…. Intel?! Makes almost NO difference at all!

  16. Man linus playing baseball with socks and sandals

  17. I was just researching about this, I completely forgot LTT covers everything now.

  18. What ram should i use if i am going to use asus crosshair viii formula with ryzen 9 5950x and 6900xt?

  19. I am rocking 800MHz DDR2

  20. Voio says:

    Is it okay if I mix a 4gb 2400MHz with a 16gb 2933MHz?

  21. Mihai Sava says:

    Yes, in theory,, matter: int a, int b, int c;
    All are read by CPU from RAM, after that, assigning by by CPU the values, saved on RAM again, after that read from RAM again, adding a and b, the value saved on RAM memory for c. Makes no sense to use 1GHz CPU if not equal with 1GHz RAM, in this case!!

    ==============to see the speed of CPU plus RAM as a hole System : ===============
    // 1 GHz = 1,000,000,000
    #include <time.h>
    #define OneGigaHz 1 000 000 000
    #defien OneTenthSecForOneGigaHz 900 000 000
    #define NoOfCounts 10
    for (unsigned char DisplayNo = 0; DisplayNo < NoOfCounts ; DisplayNo++){ // this will display from 1 to NoOfCounts
    for (unsigned int i=0; i<OneTenthSecForOneGigaHz ;i++);
    time(0.1); // 0.1 S
    printf(" simulated time is %d", i); // printing to compare against
    // if your CPU + RAM has 1GHz, one real second, will be displayed on PC, inc case of OC, 4GHz will result on faster second = CPUfreq x OneTenthSecForOneGigaHz + 0.1

  22. Jack Gittins says:

    Woiii man got a Burberry trench coat

  23. koeeer G says:

    difference ram speed in igpu vega 3 2400/2666/3200/3400 GTAV

  24. TechnoMulen says:

    please do a new video with the new AMD and INTEL hardware mkay 🙂

  25. IAMFOOZY says:

    Ram is only better at 3k than 2k if you are playing at 120 frame rate

  26. M B says:

    I have the g skill royal gold 3000mhz and im in 😍 everytime I turn on my pc. Benchmark and gaming and workstation 3000 is plenty!

  27. Gene Schneff says:

    warning on OLOy products and customer service . Bought 2 stick of OLOy ram . Brand new . 1 was bad , Called the US OLOY customer support , Had a woman answer the phone ( Hello) . Hear a kid crying in the background. So ask is this OLOy customer support . She said yes . She ask my email and I got an email with a RMA number , Had to pay to ship to CA address . When they got my item they emailed me . We got you ram stick . We will now forward it to CHINA . They will manufacture you another , They will test it and then send one back to you . This will take about 4 months to complete . WTF? I sent email that I was un-satisfied . They will not respond /// They get a C- for product quality .. They get a big fat F for customer service .