The Best RGB RAM – Final Answer

April 22, 2017 by 34 Comments

RGB memory. You might love it or you might hate it, but you can’t look away!!

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34 Replies to “The Best RGB RAM – Final Answer”

  1. GEIL is german and means…Well Google it


  3. Dragonld says:

    I am planning to make a build with Asus Z390-i , i7 9700k , Scythe Big Shuriken 3.
    In some video reviews I saw that I can fit Corsair LPX under Big Shuriken 3, I also know that Gskill TridentZ are lower than Corsair RGB pro.
    Does Gskill TridentZ are same size as Corsair LPX or taller?

  4. Trevor says:

    G.Skill wins if it's got the B die then it's all good also it's hieght of 44mm allowing better vertical GPU room.

  5. probably time for a fresh one 😛 and i definitely suggest including the Antec KATANA argb 7 series

  6. watching this in 2020 is quite amusing

  7. Does anyone know if the gskill will work on my ga-ax370m-ds3h motherboard ? Please get back and respond.

  8. DarkSniper says:

    I totally screwed myself. Almost all the rest of my rgb is by corsair except my gskill trident z. Now I hafto use 2 programs and try and make them sorta match =/ looks like im buying some vengeance or dominator in the near future which kinda blows because the trident z looks so good.

  9. blastmewar2 says:

    Adata xpg d60 is stunning

  10. Imma just say this, stick to your ballpark. If the decision is between aesthetics on otherwise identical sticks of ram, pick the brand or look you like most. If given the option between trident Z rgb and corsair vengeance pro rgb, assuming they are identical in specs, I choose corsair because I like corsair and that's my ballpark

  11. Solid Salad says:

    in dutch geil means horny
    nice brand name choise, guys

  12. Astroidyeti says:

    I just built my first PC like a month ago and have now upgraded and put in a AIO that has RGB that got me to order fans of the same brand that will plug into to control box and now I have ordered Trident Z 3600 RGB. I have now embraced the RGB Barf

  13. mmkenny1694 says:

    honestly RGB can be useful for realtime system diagnostics

  14. Raof KGN says:

    Where is corsair vengeance rgb pro ?

  15. T says:

    corsair vengeance pro is the best in the business thats a fact jack

  16. "Secret passion under the blanket"

    Linus Sex Tips

  17. mathew hart says:

    I got the trident and they would have to be the best to syncs up with aura and I turn can be synced up with razer from static to fiery and rainbow lots of sizes and speeds but you pay for it. I have 2 16gb 36000 and when I can I’ll be getting 2 more just to have the most rgb lighting I can for it plus the rgb light goes the full length. No plastic to hide most of it, just full lights

  18. Yung Katsu says:

    The best RGB RAM modules are HyperX Fury RGB series… I use them, I love them

  19. I thought that they finally made a video without a sponsor

  20. Malevolent says:

    mans talking like his teacher is timing him for a 7 minute project.

  21. I love my trident z ram

  22. Ryan Dencker says:

    GeIL is exactly how you write horny in dutch

  23. Im okay with RGB, but u guys cant deny this: Its fun to have a lil bit lights in ur pc than a dark and "depressed" looking one, eh?

  24. NateBit says:

    I swear this guy says every sentence like he’s bringing us the direct word of God Almighty

  25. Cuzih says:

    People say they hate rgb and I love my fans , ram , gpu , motherboard and cpu fans to be white static to match my case and cables

  26. Yeah, RGB is pointless, but it makes your setup look so much cooler.

  27. stuck a pair of these bad boys on my rims. now my civic goes faster than a ferrari

  28. Rawnak Jahan says:

    I bought rgb shoes, now i run a 360 fps

  29. Pizza says:

    2020 here. Talkin so slow Linus, you've upgraded since this shoot. The ram is the same though haha.

  30. Ego Banal says:

    I got my iLegs 3770x RGB Pro Ranger Tripple BackFlip RddR's yesterday. Man… i'm speed

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