$30 MOTHERBOARD?! – Can it game?

When buying a motherboard, less is often more. But just how much can you save by buying the CHEAPEST option available?

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39 Replies to “$30 MOTHERBOARD?! – Can it game?”

  1. UI_ Haider says:

    i have a i7 3770 with an rx 580 8gb special edition on a 21 dollar board and it works perfectly

  2. L-unit reppin the sweatband gang before lttstore.com

  3. Ulick says:

    7:20 Hard Dick Drive lmao

  4. Xeon says:

    Why does this video have 14k dislikes?

  5. thats my mother board rip

  6. hg- nuk says:

    this is the stereotype older people think younger people act.

  7. ArdentShadow says:

    Linus stop this it's cringe 😆

  8. R3gged Gamer says:

    When the gigabyte b450a is 40 dollars

  9. Matthew Topp says:

    alright J-Roc from trailer park boys

  10. That like/dislike ratio though . . I liked the act . .

  11. Liquid Mike says:

    Who is this gigachad that took over the channel?

  12. Razvy says:

    Aliexpress has joined the chat

  13. Why does this have so many dislikes? I'm confused

  14. kao kong says:

    Is it wrong that I'm hearing Lyles voice while Linus is going through the specs?

  15. Doofindork says:

    Looking back at this video years later, I just noticed the (currently) 14k dislikes in comparison to the 43k likes. People really didn't seem to like Hip Linus.

  16. It is backwards compatible with a lot of stuff though. If you have an old monitor and printer that thing could support them.

  17. 30$ … Well.come to India .. because that's that's all that most of us can afford

  18. yeah… the motherboard im about to buy is 14 dollars ripped out of a dell opyiplex

  19. Kyle Wilkins says:

    I had this motherboard for three days, it crapped out. I hate ECS.

  20. Reaper19801 says:

    ya know its 2020 im bored come back to this vid and think wow its like skinny John Cena

  21. Linus, you're a lovable dork. xD

  22. xThomas says:

    i cant understand what hes trying to say lol. i hear the words but my mind doesnt want to listen

  23. I don't know if he's sarcastic on this or not. I don't know how computers work

  24. Emoyak says:

    L Unit is my favorite soundcloud rapper

  25. Ulung_RInZ says:

    Meanwhile, i buying $10 P31 motherboard

  26. Why does this have so many dislikes?

  27. Ari says:

    its a great budget mobo. with less than 100 usd u can play a lot of things

  28. gl2q says:

    reminds me of jesse when walter just met him lmao

  29. T. M. says:

    I wanted to actually see if this would work, but that character is hard to watch.

  30. Lison Mendis says:

    That's better than my computer

  31. He had me until he said am3 socket

  32. Dougzzzie says:

    hehe deell mothrbord go vroom

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