Anatomically Correct Head Cut In Half with 60,000 PSI Waterjet Slow Motion – Zombie Go Boom Head

We got an anatomically correct head from the guys at Zombie Go Boom, we filled it with Zombie Juice and then saw what the waterjet would do to it. We cut it with water only, the result was definitely Interesting and would be very deadly. It was also cool to see the waterjet in slow motion.

Quit reading this and watch some other epic waterjet vs battles. We hope you liked waterjet vs zombie, give it a like if you did.

A Zombie Go Boom Ivan Head vs a 60,000 psi waterjet cutter

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38 Replies to “Anatomically Correct Head Cut In Half with 60,000 PSI Waterjet Slow Motion – Zombie Go Boom Head”

  1. new best zombie killing weapon 60.000 psi waterjet

  2. Zombies have red blood just like humans not green blood …

  3. Pollipop says:

    Aw, that poor old man. Lmao

  4. Avriil says:

    thanks youtube….


  6. Harvey Plays says:

    is it just me or are these guys so fucking weird

  7. the mould of that head is absolute shit. i cant believe they charge money for that crap

  8. KAYLEE YANG says:

    Kaboom goes the canno- zombie watch the blood and the -_- spray

  9. Kamazo TM says:

    Cut a hentai body pillow

  10. Steþhan says:

    fire a water jet steam against another water jet stream

  11. whoa, in the begining of this video, you guys opened that box up with a castes obsidian knife, didn't you?

  12. You could use a wine cork to seal the bottom

  13. Can that water jet cut……. FLEX TAPE?

  14. Mecha Apple says:

    Thats a nice letter opener

  15. no voicer says:

    Half of the video is him showing off his cool rainbow knife

  16. maggie m says:

    I'm just wondering if that dude had a good day to be cut up by a water jet

  17. MAXYMILLIAN says:

    can you shoot it with an 50 cal. ?

  18. I would never take a shower again

  19. all I see is my vomit used for zombie blood

  20. i thought it was thanos at first

  21. *Kim says:

    Now try it on me. :')

  22. hi person says:

    Punched steel around the neck waterjet boys on some kinky stuff

  23. aschesiegen says:

    Now cut up a real head of a corpse donated to science.

  24. KXMoto says:

    Yaayy zombie go booooom

  25. Cut the earth 🌎

  26. I think this deserves the Overkill seal of approval

  27. El Stupido says:

    You know I never would have guessed that if my head was stuck in a waterjet, all my blood would shoot out my throat hole

  28. yugioh rocks says:

    Can you guys please cut a small TV with the water jet?

  29. Tim McKinney says:

    The Military needs to put those billions of dollars into making portable water jets. They could take out personnel and equipment. lol 😀

  30. zipp-e nipz says:

    this video killed my boner.

  31. How to become invincible in zombie apocalypse.

    Step 1 : live in a waterjet factory

  32. Brady says:

    You both had more hair

  33. Lyle S says:

    whats the machine used in the beginning to sharpen the blade dges?

  34. 🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  35. OnForGam says:

    Cut Bedrock block!

  36. SteadyEddie says:

    MS13 and other cartels need to up there game and do some cool stuff like this

  37. Spiritdox says:

    0:05 knife cuts like butter
    "That was terrible"
    Me, who has to use the force of Gods when cutting a lemon since my kitchen knives are so dull: •-•