Cave Spider Grinder Tutorial | Minecraft 1.12.2 | EASY , XP & DROPS

June 10, 2017 by 45 Comments

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This is a short and to the point tutorial of a Minecraft Cave Spider Grinder (or Spawner). You can get all the drops along with the XP from this design. This is the design I use in my seeds!

The dimmensions that I use of the spawn chamber are 9 x 8 x 9 (x,y,z) centered around the spider spawner.

This design should work in all versions of Minecraft. (1.12 , 1.11 , 1.10 ect.) This design should also work on all platforms. ( Minecraft PC , PE , Xbox , PS4 , Wii U , Switch )



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45 Replies to “Cave Spider Grinder Tutorial | Minecraft 1.12.2 | EASY , XP & DROPS”

  1. wattles says:

    This one still works, but here's a new, easier version of this farm. It's also linked on the endslide!

  2. no name says:

    Wattles does this work for regular spider, found a regular spider spawner.

  3. Blyat Vodka says:

    Why it doesn't work in 1.13? spiders attack me trough trapdoors

  4. Solo Moon says:

    Design isn't as good as you think in 1.13 they sink and you can barely get them..

  5. Umm the cave spiders are just hitting me through the wall?

  6. can anyone verify that this design works in bedrock edition?

  7. AlexiSonic says:

    Excellent design. I just replaced the stairs by half slabs with trap door on the bottom so I can hit the spider by the botton in the case where they would stay out of reach from the top access, and to be able to potentially hit from the XP collecting point.
    Also, you can avoid the need for sign posts entirely by using a surface of 11×11 and puting the collection point at the corner instead of the middle. 😉

  8. Lauren Ng says:

    This is pretty simple, thanks!

  9. 2Wuu says:

    you're like a happy JoeHills.

    Great video, it was fun to watch!

  10. Alex Miller says:

    Great video, Well informative and straight to the point. Keep it up 👌👍

  11. mr Rein says:

    liked and subbed … good tut dude

  12. Wasy says:

    does it work in 1.8?

  13. Cillik1 says:

    Had trouble with this when I first set it up, three things to note for those having trouble.
    1-For best results place the stairs two blocks downstream like in the video.
    2-You may need to remove the trap doors if you can't land hits easily.
    3-Place a fence in front of the stairs for the perfect hitting distance so that you don't get hit back.

  14. 9:22 OMG !The spider got out!!!!!

  15. André says:

    works in 1.13.2. The trick is to place stairs in front of the trap doors and stand on the first step. the spiders wont reach you, and it's easier to see them over the trap doors.

  16. I'm a noob at grinding, and this worked well! I thought you went a bit fast in a couple of places, and I had to look up hopper placement. Would help if you slowed down a bit more for placement sake. Otherwise, worked like a charm! For putting out the torches on the spawner, I took note of coords, and dug a cave up above the room, then dug down and put a ledge into the original room so I was able to put out the spawner torches w/o getting bitten.

  17. Egoteismo says:

    I like it. Cheap and easy.

  18. Helped a little. I came across a spawner in cave, I didn't know what it was. I'm just looking for resources at this point still. But there are chests around it. But no way of getting to them with all of those spiders. I thought about lighting and trying to block it off but I really don't want to die. It has taken a while just to get to this point.

  19. Can you do it with multiple spawners?

  20. bro i have a problem i made everything like the video but when i hit the spider they go back and up i put other slab inside back the others but i don't no if that gonna work

  21. This design isn't efficient. You're only moving your mobs 7 blocks away from spawner, so the mob cap is 16. Once you hit 16, no more will spawn. You have to move them atleast 9 blocks away from spawner to get unlimited spawns. That way if you want to actually AFK for awhile and come back, you'll have more than 16 mobs. You also don't need to go for or 5 in any direction, 3 away from the spawner is max distance they will spawn. You don't need a 3×3 collection system either. I would also suggest putting down slabs in front of the kill area so you don't walk too far and get poisoned.

  22. VeganCocaine says:

    what about the spiders climbing to the top? Its taking up spawn room. Other than that, great video!

  23. nice tutorial! my spawner is really close to the bedrock, and i found this video very helpful ^^ minecraft 2019 am i right? 😀

  24. Xandros999 says:

    What are the signs supposed to do?

  25. Adiuvat says:

    Does work great for me. I have 2 spawners next to each other and I was having a hard time because cave spiders can get through easily. Thanks man! (Works in 1.12.2, idk if it matters)

  26. Chuchip says:

    A way to grab the exp is to put up the trapdoors and go up and collect it.

  27. Neri Ruiz says:

    This was really helpful

  28. Aoe Stuff says:

    just made this and the spiders tend to go up into the corner of the wall above the trap. any way to make them path better into the hole? maybe glass ?

  29. flapjacczacc says:

    anyone have any tips to keep those annoying spiders off the top corners inside the spawner?

  30. Still works as of 1.14.4 🙂 Works amazingly with great spawn rates, as I have triple spawners set up in one farm!

  31. Quengis says:

    thanks you helped me grind out the stuff

  32. Wattles: Now that the trench is done, find the middle…… 3
    Me: Wtf:/

  33. Ratchet0203 says:

    I just put spawners high up in the air to where they would fall all the way down to a floor of hoppers and die. The hoppers decrease in area as they go down until it's in one hopper that filters into a chest. Solution to killing spiders indefinitely, completely free of risk towards your Minecraft self.

  34. Spiders keep climbing up the walls tho

  35. Devyn Baird says:

    how do i stop them from climbing the walls and chilling on the roof

  36. SebasUlgc says:

    I didn't put the trapdoor, now I can't even get there because there are so many spiders xd
    Help I'm survival iron set

  37. man has your voice changed. much love to ya wattles loved this!

  38. How do I stop them from just hanging out in the ceiling above where I can't reach them?

  39. Still works in 1.15.2. I prefer it to the newer (fewer resources, and xp collection is simpler). Suggestion: use fence gates in front of the iron trapdoors to stay a safe distance away (easily opened in case you need to get closer to get some drops).

  40. Determinated says:

    You sound so different! Thanks for the video

  41. Thanks so much! I was playing with my brother and my friend and we had this skeleton spawner and spider spawner but we did not know how to use the spider spawner and your video showed us how ! Thanks alot wattles enjoy a subscribe (and a waffle)

  42. Brayden Fish says:

    i see we are using this for 2b2t

  43. Dude this was so helpful!!! Thank you so much!! This was my first successful xp farm!! I subscribed! Thank you so much!

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